7 from SEC included in college football’s 15 most loyal fan bases


Business Insider recently ranked college football’s most loyal fan bases, and seven from the SEC were included.

Overall, Nebraska was the country’s most loyal fan base, while Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU and Auburn were all ranked in the top 10. Texas A&M and Tennessee were also ranked in the top 15.

Tennessee’s fan base is rabid and passionate, but unfortunately, they haven’t had much to cheer for in recent years. Texas A&M at No. 11 is the most under-ranked fan base in the country. I would figure out a way to get Texas A&M in the top six for sure.

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1. Nebraska Cornhuskers
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Ohio State Buckeyes
4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
5. Georgia Bulldogs
6. Michigan Wolverines
7. Florida Gators
8. LSU Tigers

9. Penn State Nittany Lions
10. Auburn Tigers
11. Texas A&M Aggies

12. Texas Longhorns
13. Tennessee Volunteers
14. Oklahoma Sooners
15. Clemson Tigers

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  • Nebraska?, well they have good fans but I’ve seen them walk out of games en masse at halftime when they are getting thumped. Notre Dame has good fans for sure, they certainly don’t win big every year but they do keep selling out. This is a very interesting question and I think a standard criteria should be developed to judge this. It would be good for college football.

  • Good stuff! Agree with Wolfman on Nebraska, but the rest are pretty spot on. Being a lifetime Bulldog and married into a second generation Irish fan base, I like where you have them at #4. For a small school they have tremendous fans and a game in South Bend should be on ever college football fans Bucket List. There are two venues I love to watch the rites of fall, Sanford Stadium and Notre Dame Stadium.

    • I have seen the loyalty of Notre Dame fans up close and personal. I have always wondered just how much of their loyalty is religion based and how much is sports based.

      • That is one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard. Many of the

      • Many of the players and students are not Catholic. Why does anyone support a particular
        team? What does it matter?

      • I think KDC asks a fair question, and Escude gives a good ‘what difference does it make? Can I add this please: Consider Texas Christian, Southern Methodist, Brigham Young U., as well. Also think about this, there are probably a hundred Catholic colleges in the college athletic associations, so it’s not like all Catholics are waiting to hear what ND did today. Finally loyality happens for a lot of different reasons and each set of reason for each program would make a really interesting program personality profile story. Probably none of them would be something to just discount as not admirable enough

  • As a girl in Massachusetts who started watching college football in 1978, if not for Bear Bryant and the Biston link created by Butch Hobson, I could have ended up anywhere. Thank goodness my father agreed to roadtrip to Tuscaloosa. I am now a UA grad with a daughter at UA and the pleasure of turning all my yankee friends into Bama fans.

  • I cannot begin to think of any reason why the University of South Carolina was left off this list. Those fans show up for 1-10 and 0-11 seasons en masse – and just recently have something to really (pardon the pun) crow about.

    • I was literally about to post the exact same thing! We filled Willy-B during those gawd awful years and we get left off the list? They either don’t know… don’t show… or just don’t care about what’s going on in South Carolina!

    • No kidding! I’m a Hog fan, and I wholeheartedly agree. Y’all were filling up 80,000+ even when seasons weren’t going so well!

    • Kitbaty… how did you put a team logo on your post?

    • Kitbaty…couldn’t have said it better myself! I have to admit one of the better decisions made by the university was hiring Steve Spurrier and in that 10 years, South Carolina has elevated their program in every area….coaches, stadium, tailgating areas, players, literally every area. Oh, and did I mention three 11 win seasons in a row, three New Year’s Day bowl wins in a row, and currently working on the longest home winning streak in the country, as it has become harder and harder for the visiting teams to win at William Brice. But, with all that said, the talking heads are not ready to give any significant acknowledgement to the Gamecocks….but that is OK too. Beating Clemson 5 consecutive years and Georgia 3 out of the last 4 years gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling. Last time Georgia was at Williams Brice they lost by 4 touchdowns, and it wasn’t that close! No respect……..but I think it will come as we continue to win our upcoming games. Go Gamecocks!

      • South Carolina hasn’t been relevant long enough. Georgia has just now taken y’all seriously the last 5 years. As soon as Spurrier leaves y’all will be SEC East bottom feeders again.

    • I think they took into account the overall picture: merchandise sales, fans traveling, and mainly how big the national fan base is. I’m a Bama fan and grew up in South Carolina, heck I even graduated from USC, and I can see they deserved to be on this list. Give it ten years, especially when Spurrier’s son takes over, the Gamecocks will be in the top 5 on this list. Might even only take 5 years.

  • I would agree that S.C. should easily be on that list. I’m a Dawg, but work in the Palmetto State. I see the loyalty first hand. For one, Gamecock fans are the most pervasive SEC fan base throughout the Charlotte metro area, and regardless of the previous season’s results, my Gamecock buds love to bug me with why they’re optimistic for next season.

  • I remember when Alabama went to Oklahoma to play the Sooners in 2002 and how shocked everyone was to see hundreds of those $150,000+ RV’s setting up. The previous record for most RV’s for a OU game was Nebraska with less than 40 from Nebraska, but Bama fans traveled with well over 200 there. That’s a pretty loyal fan base. OU fans still remember it.

  • South Carolina fans got shorted on that one. You don’t fill up and sell out an 85K seat stadium after being mediocre at football for as long as SC was without loyal fans. The Gamecocks went 0-21 and STILL sold out their stadium.

    The fact that Clemson is on the list makes it a joke. They can get tickets at BiLo for 4.00, and STILL can’t sell out their games. The phrase, “THERE’S ORANGE IN THE PARKING LOT!!” was coined for a reason. THERE’S ORANGE IN THE PARKING LOT!! THERE’S ORANGE IN THE PARKING LOT!!

    • My son and I drove up to Clemson one year and bought tickets from a scalper for $20.00 for that night’s Clemson-South Carolina game. Try going to Columbia and buying tickets and the result will be either 1) you will end up watching the game on a tv in a bar somewhere or 2) you’ll have to add at least one more zero to what the tickets will cost. Clemson on this list and the Gamecocks not……..whatever!

  • Yes we can plainly see that the Texas Longhorns definitely belong on this list, as evidenced by these in-game photos of their filled-to-capacity stadium

  • What is the criteria for this nonsense? Clemson? WTF?! Their stadium was half full for a few years while they were struggling. Williams-Brice was full during a 21 game losing streak; that’s loyalty. I’m cancelling my subscription to Business Insider TODAY! I mean, I’ll have to sign up first then cancel, but that’s what I’m doing. Or nah.

  • texas ? really? they arrive late, leave early and boo their own team… terrible fans with a huge entitlement complex

  • As so many of the comments below suggest, no one can deny that for decades, South Carolina fans loyally showed up for frequently mediocre and even terrible teams. The author overlooked a fact that most knowledgeable football fans throughout the country have both seen and heard. It’s not who shows up when you’re winning – anyone can get on a bandwagon. It’s who shows up when you’re down? Now, that is loyalty.

  • We have never got respect from the nation and never will. We live in the US’s joke state. So I never look for any real consideration.

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