Most disliked people in sports include six with SEC connections


In a list that included Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, Alex Rodriguez and Richie Incognito, six with SEC connections are among the most disliked people in sports, according to Sports Illustrated.

Two Alabama football coaches – Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban – made the ranking. Kiffin is ranked No. 8 overall, while Saban checked in at No. 22.

Here’s the full list, with the biggest reasons from the write up:

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8. Lane Kiffin, Alabama offensive coordinator
Reason: “Kiffin’s penchant for running his mouth has always gotten him in trouble.”

12. Mark Emmert, NCAA President (ties with LSU)
Reason: “Emmert’s comments and defense of the NCAA’s position regarding college athletes getting paid, particularly in the wake of the Northwestern union ruling, have often come across to the public as uninformed. Until he presents a stronger argument, the boos will continue.”

15. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner (ties with Arkansas)
Reason: “Over a decade later, Jones hasn’t missed a beat — continuing to promote “America’s Team” to the media and making many splashy personnel decisions without much success to show for it.”

17. John Calipari, Kentucky basketball coach
Reason: “His position at the forefront of college basketball’s “One-and-Done” era of recruiting have made him reviled among hoops traditionalists.”

21. Marshall Henderson, former Ole Miss basketball player
Reason: “Henderson’s recent homophobic comments regarding ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam during the NFL draft put the hotheaded guard back in the news.”

22. Nick Saban, Alabama head coach
Reason: “Saban wins football games — and doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks. His failures in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and criticism for oversigning players have drawn plenty of dislike around opposing SEC fan bases.”

Saban and Kiffin were the only two college football coaches on the top 35 ranking, and no other college conference even had one person on the countdown.

That’s SEC talent.

Photo Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports



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