Five from SEC among college football’s most winningest teams since 2003

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For elite prospects who are currently being recruited, seeing the SEC win championships and saturate the NFL Draft is an annual occurrence. That’s a major reason why the country’s best high school prospects continue signing with SEC programs.

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Remember, aside from 2013, the prospects being recruited right now hadn’t seen the conference lose a national championship since 2005…when they were in elementary school.

SB Nation looked at college football’s most winningest teams since 2003, and five SEC programs were among the top 15 programs that recorded 100 or more wins. Here’s a look:

1. Boise State 125
2. LSU 117
2. Oklahoma 117
4. Ohio State 115
4. USC 115
6. Texas 109
7. Virginia Tech 107
8. Oregon 106
9. Alabama 105
10. Georgia 104

10. TCU 104
12. Wisconsin 103
13. Florida 102
13. Florida State 102
15. Auburn 100

Is it surprising programs like Michigan, Tennessee, Miami, Clemson and Notre Dame aren’t on the list? All five of those programs have great tradition and a rich history but have struggled over the given time period.

Continual BCS buster Boise State tops the list, which isn’t too surprising, considering the competition the Broncos play. But now that Chris Petersen left for Washington, it’ll be interesting to see which direction the program starts to head under a new coaching staff.

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  • Mizzou just missed this list. 93 wins since 2003

  • Boise State most wins and not one chance at a title because of the bull$%&* that was the BCS thank god its GONE.

    • Boise State has no shot under the current scenario.

    • Boise State is a complete joke! They play one decent team a year then the rest of the season they play glorified high schools and technical colleges like St. Mary’s Girls School for the Blind. They also play in a joke of a conference. They love to run up the score on all the weak teams then act like they are the greatest team in the history of college football. It caught up with them last year. Until they play 3-4 ranked teams a year their record means nothing. If they were in the SEC they would be at the bottom with Kentucky.

    • Boise State? there’s a question. Why do they need to camoflauge their players on their field? Sure their style of is entertaining, coach is able. Schedule is questionable but they do win a few bowl games. They need to do what Central Florida does, schedule 1-3 top ten teams every year.

    • Georgia and Boise St played in 2011. Boise the next week played Toledo. Georgia played South Carolina. Just some perspective.

  • It’s funny how everyone is critical of the competition that Boise State played against. Here are the facts. Yes, they did and do still play in a inferior conference, but the reason they didn’t have 1 to 3 top 10 opponents every year IS NOT because they didn’t want it. Those teams wouldn’t play them. Opening season kickoff game were one of the BCS teams got a few million for taking the risk they would play. End of the year bowl game and you got the unlucky straw of playing Boise State they would play. No BCS school was willing to take the risk of playing them week fou r of the season and taking that loss. If no one top 10 will schedule with you, how can you play them?

    • This is true. No reason to besmirch Boise St. They did beat a lot of good teams during their great 10 season run. Who knows what they’d have done in the SEC during that same 10 year stretch? I bet Michigan or Notre Dame wouldn’t have done any better. Anyway, hopefully they’ll keep their spot at the top of this list with 125 wins at least until week 2….

    • How does UCF get top 10 teams to play them?

  • “College football’s most winningest teams?” Which of your stellar Tigers constructed that phrase?

  • Why would you start this topic in 2003? UGA went 13-1 in 2002. That would have a big difference in where UGA ranked. Come on, UGA ranks in the top 2 in wins since 2002 even though they don’t have a National Championship to show for it. They should have played for it in 2002 and 2008 (Kirk Herbstreit’s rant kept us out even though we should have been ranked #2, NOT LSU

  • Man I forgot all about Wisconsin… they were beastly there for a little bit.

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