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SEC fans hammered DirecTV on Twitter, network says it’s in negotiations with SEC Network

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The SEC Network launches in August, and the league has been encouraging fans to request the network via their cable provider. You can do that here.

Obviously, there’s still a couple months before you really need to start worrying about whether your cable provider will carry the SEC Network or not, and lobbying for the network can certainly help.

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Yesterday, it was reported that DirecTV was emailing fans who have requested the SEC Network and responding with the update that they “have no current plans to carry the SEC Network”. And SEC fans went off on DirecTV on Twitter.

Due to the demand of SEC fans, DirecTV did issue a statement via Twitter that the network is still in negotiations to bring the SEC Network to fans. So, there’s some hope.

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Just the mere threat of DirecTV not carrying the SEC Network caused fans to voice their opinion via Twitter, and long-time subscribers made sure their voices were heard:

"Thank you for making it so easy to keep up with my team.
You provide SEC fans with an amazing, free service!"

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  1. That’s hilarious, but, come August if Comcast doesn’t have the SEC Network, I will switch to a cable or satellite provider that does. If we get to the fall & AT&T U-Verse & Dish Network are still the only ones that plan to carry SEC Network, they will have a huge influx of new subscribers in the south. Sounds silly almost, but it’s just simply the truth.

  2. Walter
    Commented : 1 month ago

    I called DirectTv yesterday and let them know that since I really only care about football and they aren’t carrying the SEC network I wanted to cancel my service and that in August I’d be picking up service with whoever offers the network to me. They talked me into just suspending my service for now, but I made it clear if they haven’t picked it up by August I’ll be moving to Dish (or maybe Time Warner Cable if they have it, I’ll decide at that point). 10+ year subscriber so I’m long off contract.