Over/under win totals for every SEC football team


Betting site AgainstTheNumbers.com has posted early SEC over/under win totals for 2014.

Alabama has the SEC’s highest over/under set at 10.5, while Kentucky and Tennessee have the lowest over/under set at four and 4.5 respectively. Defending champion Auburn’s over/under is set at nine, and Missouri’s is set at 8.5.

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Interestingly, based on the listed totals, Mississippi State would be a strong bet on the over. Four easy non-conference games, along with being favorites against Vanderbilt and Kentucky, seem like a drop in the bucket.

Here’s the entire league as listed on the site:

  • Alabama 10.5
  • Arkansas 5.5
  • Auburn 9
  • Florida 7.5
  • Georgia 8.5
  • Kentucky 4
  • LSU 8.5
  • Mississippi State 7
  • Missouri 8.5
  • Ole Miss 7
  • South Carolina 8.5
  • Tennessee 4.5
  • Texas A&M 8.5
  • Vanderbilt 6

I don’t bet on games, but the lines and over/unders are fun to follow and watch. Here’s the over/unders I’d take based on the site’s listings:

  • Alabama: under 10.5 wins
  • Arkansas: under 5.5 wins
  • Auburn: over 9 wins
  • Florida: over 7.5 wins
  • Georgia: over 8.5 wins
  • Kentucky: under 4 wins
  • LSU: over 8.5 wins
  • Mississippi State: over 7 wins
  • Missouri: under 8.5 wins (toughest one)
  • Ole Miss: over 7 wins
  • South Carolina: over 8.5 wins
  • Tennessee: over 4.5 wins
  • Texas A&M: under 8.5 wins
  • Vanderbilt: over 6 wins

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  • Why is everyone so high on UGA? They haven’t done much in the last few seasons and they lost their QB. I know the defense is supposed to be good but that is case with about everyone.

    • Because UGA went 8-4 (losing by more than a touchdown only once to Mizzou) and were decimated by injuries all season long. 1- There is not much of a drop off at QB. Mason has been game ready all of last year. 2- Fr. RB Nick Chubb will be this season’s biggest surprise, he is a beast. He and Marshall in the same backfield is a defense’s nightmare. 3- The defense is coached by the hottest defensive guru in the nation. If UGA stays healthy and the ball finally bounces their way for once (a little luck) it could be a very special year in Athens.

      • Funny how you forget that you beat UT and UF by 3 points and Tech by 7 in double overtime and only mention that your losses were close. BTW Auburn ran all over that defense last year and let you back in the game. Same stuff different season for the dawgs. I am going with the under but they do have “loads of potential” for the hundredth straight year.

        • I don’t know that an Auburn fan needs to mock someone else’s close games. Y’all won 6 games by a TD or less. Y’all had a very good year, but you were also very fortunate. That 11-1 regular season record could very easily have been 8-4 or worse…..

        • PCB, I am not the one who brought up close games from last year the dawg fan did. Auburn was very very fortunate last year including our game against you. However when you live in Atlanta there are always dawg fans who spew the same info every year and I only wanted to point out to them that you can’t use just your close losses and not even consider that you also had close wins.

      • If “SPECIAL” means starting the year 0-2, then yea, it’s gonna be a special year in Athens.

        • haha…rooting for Clemson huh? What kinda cock fan are you anyways? Ohhh yeah…that kind…umm nevermind.

        • I would agree with that, but Clemson will very likely suck this season.
          I absolutely hate Clemson, but it’s been nice being able to say South Carolina has two top ten teams.

    • Prior to last year;s injury debacle they won the east two years in a row. Outside of secondary almost entire defense is back this year. Offense has studs at RB and WR. The QB is a senior with fair amount of on field playing time,including starting vs GaTech and the bowl game last year. And even with all the injuries last year they still won 8 games. If they stay healthy this year 8 games should be a given just based on what they are bringing back on both sides of the ball. The first two games of the season will tell a lot about what kind of season to expect. But if they look good in both games and split them, like they did last year, I would take the over on the 8.5 prediction.

  • Auburn will be quite fortunate to win 9 game; better take the UNDER.

    • Yeaaaaa OK bamtard…. keep dreaming

    • No Auburn fan, but I wouldn’t touch that bet. True Auburn had some close games and a lot of luck last season, but they kept getting better and did look pretty good toward the end of the year. Depends on whether they can keep that going. They lost some talent. Too close to call.

  • I think UGA has represented the SEC East 2 out of the last 3 years. Not much lately? 6 yards away from beating Bama in the SECG and going to the NCG. Where you been?

    • I agree.. as much as I hate Georgia.. only thing thoughis that they had fairly easy schedules for 2 years straight. But still.. they impressed me last year by almost beating my boys.

      • ‘Miracle on the Plains’ Always a great game. We got yall in Athens this year. Hasn’t mattered much but it’s fun. UGA always has great players. They underachieve alot but never underestimate them. We’ll see?

      • @ AUsomeTiger – “easy” schedule? Opening on the road vs Clemson? Playing AUBURN at their place two years in a ROW? Would AU be willing to play in Athens two years in a row? Tuscaloosa? Baton Rouge? College Station? Doubtful…you almost sound like a Gamecock fan. The schedules are made years in advance. Bama is really the one that has benefited from the “easiest” SEC schedule the last 3-4 years. KY and Tenn from the SEC East?

        • Sorry dude, but for now the schedules aren’t made “Years in advance.” When Mizzu and aTm joined the conference, everyone’s was handed a “Bridge Schedule” for two years, meansing, the schedules were made with full knowledge of how the teams were currently playing. UGA was handed a cupcake schedule for two years in a row and only won the East because USC dropped the ball in their other SEC games after beating UGA handely. Yep, they backed into it.

  • Kentucky will be a push at worst. Stoops is doing big things there. It’s still early in the process of cleaning up the dumpster fire Joker Phillips left, but we will begin to see some returns starting this year. While I think it’s too early for bowl eligibility to be realistic, there are three highly likely wins on the schedule already in UT Martin, Ohio, and UL Monroe. Vandy, Tennessee, and Louisville are also three games UK will have a realistic chance at winning as well. Winning one of those puts them at 4.

  • I don’t see how Tennessee is projected to go bowling in one article and then expected to lose 7 games in the next. WE GONNA WHIP ALL YALLS AZZES! THE MIGHTY VOLS ARE GOING TO BE NATIONAL CHAMPS! GO VOLS! YEEEEEHAAAAW!

  • Texas A&M – Wins 8 Losses 4
    @South Carolina W
    Lamar W
    Rice W
    @SMU W
    Arkansas W
    @MSU W
    Ole Miss L
    @ Alabama L
    ULM W
    @ Auburn L
    Missouri W
    LSU L

    • Looking forward to seeing you in Columbia, SC…bring money.

    • A&m will not win in Starkville this year. Mark it down that I told you here first. It ain’t happenin.

      • @Rriffe Yeah we’ve got that one. I see 5 wins for a Johnny Manziel-less Texas A&M.

      • A&M won’t win many football games at all this year, numbskull.. Get back in the field and tend to the weeds MooU fan. Leave the educated comments to people who know don’t say things like ” I told ya here first!” #freakingmoron

        • ATLblackbear A&M will beat Ole Miss this year. Ya’ll can’t hang on to the ball …lost 130 balls in 5 years and half of them was lost by NO THROW BO. Tell me again I forget just how are yo gonna be a contender this year….PHAAAAAAA!!!!!

        • I sure am glad to be from the “Hospitality State” where everyone is so nice and cordial to one another. I have my many friends from all three major MS universities, and honestly, I like all three. Unfortunately, people like you, ATLRebel86, tarnish fine university reputations, so please carry on as you are. We, “uneducated people,” as you so eloquently stated, will go back to “tending our weeds,” while our team prepares for yet another successful season. I wish everyone the best, but we’ll see come November 29, 2014 who the last one talking. #HailState #HailMS

    • aTm will start the season 0-1 as the Gamecocks continue one of the longest home winning streaks in the nation.

  • Missouri has probably the easiest schedule this year. Even though they play Toledo the Mac champand UCF the American champ. So I don’t understand Jon why you don’t think they’ll win more games.

  • The way the rules are….you must continue to win in the conference. ie USC beat UGA by 3 (hardly handely) Lattimore had a good day. And , I also remember Dawgs also dropped some TD passes. I’m of the opinion that nobody backs into the SECG. Your team must continue to WIN regardles of how much Spurrier cries.

  • 1. games turn on what looks like luck or less than superman efforts. 2. seasons turn on as few as 1-2 unexpected outcomes 3. the SEC is a conference designed to drive fans crazy by making 12-14 of the best football teams in the NCAA play each other. As opposed to majors who are getting weaker, or major conf.s who are getting watered down, or conferences composed of mid-majors. So fans that write in here and disrespect other conference members look a little poorly educated. Thanks to everyone who does not bet on, therefore corrupt college football, because if you think college football players are 100% honest then you truly are poorly educated. No group in society is 100% honest including clergy, grandmothers, and rich people who make big bets on games while having friends make payoff proposals to key college players, who in some cases don’t even have to change the outcome of a game, just the margin.

    • Common sense can show the flaws in these conclusions but it’s even more obvious when you read an entire text on research processes. I’ll try to point out just a few of the problems here. 17-24 year old young men are the n group here. They are tested at different ages and leave college at different ages. This rated group has a very small set of scores rated. The scores are often unscientifically measured and collected. A significantly high number of known significant factors are totally ignored. The n group does not mature by itself in a vacuum, instead it is effected by numerous and widely variable outside influences (the college coaching staff being only one). Injury rates vary greatly. Motivation to perform and to improve performance varies greatly and no attempt to measure it currently exists. Many college graduates will make more outside the NFL than as players inside. The common opponents needed to make so many statistical measurements among distinct regions of high school play are simply impractical to try to measure or hope might be measured in the future. In short the factors that limit future success are VASTLY out-numbered by the still unmeasured and state of the art unmeasurable. For every Alabama that finished ranked lower than they should have there are more Missouri who finished #5 ranked way higher than their near zero blue chip rate, and the failure of this method to predict both ways is always ignored by the media when it doesn’t support their favorite team.

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