SEC’s Quarterback U


Which SEC team should have the right to be called Quarterback U during the 2000s?

The SEC isn’t known as a quarterback league when compared to the rest, but three current SEC schools have an argument.

Along with recently ranking college football’s Running Back U of the 2000s, ESPN also went through the quarterbacks, too. Here’s a look at their results of quarterbacks through the 2000s:

1. Oklahoma
2. USC
3. Texas
4. Florida State
5. Florida
6. Auburn
7. Ohio State
8. Louisville
9. Texas A&M
10. Stanford

Florida is the SEC’s biggest Quarterback U contender, according to the site. Anchored by Tim Tebow and Rex Grossman, does Florida have the biggest argument? Tebow’s career numbers and accomplishments are still stunning, and he’s the obvious reason Florida is in the top five.

Auburn is the second biggest contender, led by Cam Newton and Jason Campbell. Newton may be the best overall athlete and prospect to come through the conference since the likes of Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker. Campbell also had a great career for the Tigers and helped lead them to a perfect 14-0 season in 2004.

Although the majority of Texas A&M’s 2000s were spent in the Big 12, Johnny Manziel was the most electrifying player we’ve seen since Newton, becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman and was most recently a first-round pick. Ryan Tannehill was also a first-round pick with the Dolphins.

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  • I though Uga might be on there with Greene and Stafford but I think Coxx ruined that for UGA lol.

  • Greene, Stafford…and the leading passer in SEC history: Aaron Murray

  • UGA should absolutely be up there. Greene had quite a few of the records, then Murray came in a decade later and had almost all of them. In between, we had Stafford. Tebow is the only one of note from FL during that span…

  • Say what you want about Mizzou but we’ll always have a good QB while Pinkel is here. Brad Smith, Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert, James Franklin and Maty Mauk…

    • 4 of which are currently on NFL rosters

    • I feel sorry for any person who never saw Terry McMillian launch an intercontinental ballistic missile to Mel Grey. And I feel sorry for anybody who never got to see Phil Bradley play the position. What a great athletic event where personalities and performers like this can be remembered forever and recalled as part of a history of developing talent.

      • McMillian to Grey, death from above, the fastest strikes in history.Phil Bradley to Kellen Winslow, and a not too bad of a back in James Wilder. Beat NEB, ND, LSU, SC, all time Big -8 yardage leader. Went on to become MLB star. Alot of those games I heard on a device called a radio. What a team to have before the years of oblivion. Memories!

        • McMillian would throw that ball farther than you could imagine a human being being able to throw a football and Mel Gray would out run the fastest safeties no matter how big a cushion they gave him. The ball would stay in the air for an eternity, defying gravity. Usually it would get caught in or near the end zone because the field was too short to run that play any other way, laughing here but this was the way it looked.

  • No arguing Oklahoma. What about Arkansas with Ryan Mallet and Tyler Wilson?

  • Ole Miss with Eli, Snead, and now Wallace?

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