SEC Quarterbacks: Career numbers entering spring practice

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One of the main themes for the SEC in 2014 is the lack of proven quarterbacks.

Just look at all the talent and experience exiting the league: Johnny Manziel, AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray, Connor Shaw and Zach Mettenberger, etc. That’s a massive amount of quarterback talent leaving. My theory is that SEC defense will dominate the league again in 2014. The offensive explosion was fun to watch, but you probably shouldn’t get used to it.

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Here are the top 11 returning in 2014, according to the numbers, and how they stack up against one another entering spring practice:

Passing Yards
Bo Wallace, Ole Miss (SR): 6,340
Max Smith, Kentucky (JR): 3,070
Jeff Driskel, Florida (JR): 2,271
Dak Prescott, Mississippi State (JR): 2,134
Justin Worley, Tennessee (SR): 1,977
Nick Marshall, Auburn (SR): 1,976
Jalen Whitlow, Kentucky (JR): 1,834
Dylan Thompson, South Carolina (SR): 1,827
Brandon Allen, Arkansas (JR): 1,738
Hutson Mason, Georgia (SR): 1,324
Maty Mauk, Missouri (SO): 1,071

Passing Touchdowns
Bo Wallace: 40
Max Smith: 21
Brandon Allen: 14
Jeff Driskel: 14
Nick Marshall: 14
Dak Prescott: 14
Dylan Thompson: 14
Maty Mauk: 11
Justin Worley: 11
Hutson Mason: 8
Jalen Whitlow: 8

Bo Wallace: 27
Brandon Allen: 13
Justin Worley: 13
Jeff Driskel: 10
Max Smith: 9
Dak Prescott: 7
Jalen Whitlow: 7
Nick Marshall: 6
Dylan Thompson: 5
Hutson Mason: 3
Maty Mauk: 2

Completion %
Bo Wallace: 64.3
Jeff Driskel: 62.9
Max Smith: 60.1
Hutson Mason: 59.9
Nick Marshall: 59.4
Dak Prescott: 58.8
Jalen Whitlow: 57.8
Justin Worley: 56.2
Dylan Thompson: 55
Maty Mauk: 51.1
Brandon Allen: 48.5

Rushing Yards
Nick Marshall: 1,068
Dak Prescott: 947
Bo Wallace: 745
Jalen Whitlow: 663
Jeff Driskel: 469
Maty Mauk: 229
Dylan Thompson: 66
Justin Worley: 34
Brandon Allen: 26
Huston Mason: -8
Max Smith: -225

Rushing Touchdowns
Dak Prescott: 17
Bo Wallace: 14
Nick Marshall: 12
Jalen Whitlow: 9
Jeff Driskel: 5
Dylan Thompson: 5
Hutson Mason: 2
Brandon Allen: 1
Maty Mauk: 1
Max Smith: 0
Justin Worley: 0

Photo Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Hail State! And this will be Prescott’s year. You can count on it.

  • It says “top10” but I count 11…. Lol

    • It says 11 above the passing yards. I made 11 the cutoff, because those are the 1,000-yard passers. The top 10 is a link to the spring QB ranking.

  • All the talk about the SEC becoming an offensive conference with average defenses is going to go away very, very fast…

    • I tend to agree with you. However, with Sumlin, Malzahn and Freeze running a style of offense conducive for points, it may not. We know UGA will score points. UF going to more up-tempo style, as well as Alabama. It will be an interesting year for sure.

      • A team can have a pretty good defense and still get 60 points scored against it. The points against are not the final quality word when for example: a program can pin point long passes 2/3 of the time, or disquise who has the football till all three back get to the line of scrimmage, or if the refs interpet the holding rule to mean only a flag if jersey held outside the shoulders, or if the team uses the qb as a 4th running back and receiver, or has 6-11 ace receivers. Recruit all the great defenders you want. When it become 11 vs 11 and 1 v 1. The defenders are going to get beat at least half the time. Score on half of your possessions and 60 points might be conservative. None of this means that new SEC defenses won’t be skilled, fast, big, strong, agile, and exciting to watch.

  • Mauk, the only sophomore, zero freshmen. Interesting. Could be a league-wide interception fest. And Missouri was already on a big interception bonanza last year.

  • Can’t wait for Mauktember, Mauktober and Maukvember, ect.. You get the picture. Bo Wallace had great hair though…

  • Those are some incredible stats by Dak Prescott. I see now why State is getting a Heisman campaign going for him.

  • I love how everyone thinks Bo Wallace sucks. Are they just that ignorant or do they just hate Ole Miss that much? Wallace can throw the ball really we and is pretty accurate completing 64% of his passes. His first season at Ole Miss he did throw a lot of INTs, but last year he didn’t threw hardly any until his last few games. Plus his shoulder was injured all of last year and he missed spring practice. This year he will be a 3 year starter and will be healthy. So with all his weapons to throw to, it’s hard to see him not having a great year.

    All these MSU’s need to calm down a little about Prescott. He has yet to play his first full season, but they think he is going to be Tim Tebow already.

    • It’s mainly because he has yet to be overly impressive. That is not to say that he won’t have a good year this year. But it really does hurt that he plays in a very top-heavy SEC west division. He should have the best statistical year, he does have the most experience. But until he has consistent success, he’ll be considered average. I think he’ll be pretty good this year. And this is coming from an SC fan.

    • Wallace is a good player when he is on his game. But he has his off games which make him seem unstable. A lot of that had to do with his shoulder as you said but he still has to be consistent before he reaches his full potential.
      And coming from a MSU fan, the reason I am exited about Dak is because all those stats are from only 7 starting games. He’s first in rushing touchdown’s and second in rushing yards and yet only started half the games Bo and Marshall did throughout the season. I’m excited to see what he can do with a full season of starting under his belt.

  • When you have to UK QBs in the top 10, and neither one of them will win the starting job this year, something’s wrong. I know guys will emerge this season (just like every year), but damn, it’s not encouraging to see such few proven players at QB. This position could be in big trouble this year, and my Vols are a big reason why.

  • Man Bo Wallace is on his own planet with the ints…

    • And with the passing yards apparently. Dak may not throw as many INT’s, but he will never have the passing yards either.

      • Dak has only started 7 games in his career and put up those numbers. Bo has a good arm but he also has alot more game time than most of the QB’s on this list. Which does fudge his stats against everyone else’s.
        DISCLAIMER: Not saying he’s not a good quarterback, just saying the stats don’t always tell the entire story. You also have to account for the game time all of them played.

        • He may have only “started” 7 games, but he’s played twice as many. Also, most of his numbers are from blowout wins against teams like Alcorn State, Rice, Kentucky, Bowling Green and Troy. I’m not saying he’s not a good QB, but his numbers against real competition paint an entirely different picture that his overall numbers do. The South Carolina game last year is a perfect example.

  • Keep talkin Rebs, I especially like how Bo throws three interceptions for every 4 touchdowns. Not to mention the fumbles. So yeah, keep up the smack on Prescott, who played only half a season with a bum elbow and after the death of his mother. Although the half season thing doesn’t matter too much, as it only took him one beat you. Chew on that until November when you’ll need to go ahead and swallow so we give you another mouthful. That kid has more heart than all of Oxford combined.

    • Your maroon and white glasses are thick. Bo also had a shoulder injury which took its toll at the end of the year and caused those INT’s. Y’all needed OT to beat us at home even with Tunsil on the bench and a Bo trying to give y’all the game. It will be in Oxford next year, so good luck. We won’t need OT.

      • And your Izod is apparently cutting off oxygen to your brain. True freshman Damien Williams,kept us in the game in his second start. Nickoe Whitley caused that fumble and grabbed an Int with a a blown out knee, and that crap where you idiots puts in Nkemdiche as a halfback blew up in your faces when he ran into Chris Jones. And what are you doing, pretending we were the only team to play in overtime, like you didn’t have chances? hell, we missed a FG.

      • Well you loss to a 3rd string qb and another one who hadn’t seen a football over 3 weeks. So suck it buttercup

  • Dak will be good. He may be the scariest QB in the SEC.

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