How the big four recruiting services rank SEC classes after signing day


Dominance doesn’t even begin to describe the overall recruiting haul the SEC had yesterday. Throughout all four recruiting services, the SEC landed seven of the top 10 classes.

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Alabama and LSU finished No. 1 and No. 2 on all four services, while Texas A&M, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida fought for position in the top 10. The one major theme is still that the gap has the potential to get wider with so much talent pouring into the SEC.

Here’s a look at the four main recruiting services and how they rank the SEC classes after signing day.

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Team Signees 247Sports Rivals ESPN Scout
Alabama 26 1 (1) 1 (1) 1 (1) 1 (1)
LSU 23 2 (2) 2 (2) 2 (2) 2 (2)
Texas A&M 21 3 (5) 4 (6) 3 (4) 4 (7)
Auburn 23 4 (6) 7 (9) 6 (8) 5 (8)
Tennessee 33 5 (7) 3 (5) 4 (5) 3 (4)
Georgia 21 6 (8) 5 (7) 7 (9) 7 (12)
Florida 24 7 (9) 6 (8) 5 (6) 6 (9)
South Carolina 21 8 (15) 8 (16) 9 (19) 10 (24)
Ole Miss 26 9 (16) 10 (19) 8 (17) 8 (17)
Kentucky 29 10 (22) 9 (17) 10 (20) 9 (21)
Arkansas 24 11 (23) 11 (29) 11 (30) 12 (33)
Mississippi State 23 12 (38) 13 (41) 13 (36) 13 (39)
Missouri 28 13 (39) 12 (35) 12 (33) 11 (32)
Vanderbilt 22 14 (46) 14 (50) 14 (48) 14 (50)

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  • The shortest distance from High School to the NFL is the SEC. Go Gamecocks. :-)

  • Sec West has four teams in the top ten. That is ridiculous.

    • Lol. Being a Mississippi State fan I have to say playing in the west every year is no piece of cake. The East either for that matter. It’s tough. With that being said I’m still proud and glad to be in the conference.

  • Can someone tell me how you get the school logo on your posts instead of the SEC logo?

  • Poorly done. Georgia was 7th on rivals not 8th. what is the (#)?

  • The Vols nailed it. We’re baccckkkkk!

    • Don’t get too excited just yet. I remember a year when USC had 34 commits and a top 10 class (and were not very good the next year), it usually means you have a lot of holes to fill and not a ton of scholarship players present. In 2 years from now, oh yeah, you guys will be looking a lot better.

  • I’m an Auburn fan and want my logo beside my posts but its not in my profile..Alittle help please

  • happy with the Ole Miss class. Pack and Taylor were big to keep at home. Now what about Peters in 2015?

  • It’s 6 years since the Football Guru, Dan Mullen arrived in Starkville. And he still can’t out-recruit Kentucky?! You gotta be kidding!

    • As much as it is killing me to agree with a black bear …. I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!!!!!!! What the hell is he doing? ….I’m a realist, I know that Starkvegas isnt the most glamorous looking city in the SEC and campus is taken care of but for the most part its a lot of grass, but with all the upgrades to facilities that he has pushed for and got I find it hard to imagine that Lexington(I have never been but seen on google earth and maps) is a better place to play football. Focus on special teams coaching and recruiting before the next season Dan.

  • The Saint Louis Post Dispatch and Kansas City Star are not cheerleaders for Missouri Tiger football, in fact sometimes they are grossly under-celebratory. Most of these writers seem to like this 2014 class. One writer (always the most critical) from the St.LPD wants to suggest that last years performance caused the 2013 class to be average. Here are some facts: now that we are at the end of 2013, Freshman account for 7 depth chart #1’s at Missouri, and 2 depth chart #2s. This 2014 class is even better.

    • Wolf, their is two ways to look at our class. One all but 3 commits were made before the first game in the conference was played. 12 wins will be factored in next year. We need a good start and we are deep enough to get one. This year we also play a ranked opponent UCF at home the 3rd game, so if we are undefeated early we should be ranked and that will help recruiting. Secondly considering the first part Pinkels claims of doing their ownevaluations seem to be true. To sign people early in the process and to land this class is pretty amazing. People can say well they only got 2 four stars. If you look deeper you can see rival 4 stars start at their rating of 5.8, well 6 of Mizzous 3 stars are rated at 5.7. This is a much stronger class then people think. Still what could we do with stronger classes? Hopefully another strong year and we will find out.

      • MizzInc, Thanks for another good (decimal) point. Yes some of these recruits committed before the Missouri was assured of a deep run toward the SEC East title: but look at these freshmen and rs freshman, Williams LT 2nd, Culkin TE 2nd, Printz QB 2nd, Copelin TE 1st, Gibson CB 1st, Scherer MLB 1st, Buney NG 1st, Augusta DG 1st. Those guys committed during the time Missouri was missing it’s first bowl game in a decade!!! I’m not counting on the media to rank Missouri where they should be ranked next fall. Cearly the dis-credit for the Cottonbowl winners has already begun. As you say, next year’s class will be better, but for even more reasons: Conference wins two years in a row. Mather at the St. Louis Post dispatch has been slapped down by reality and plus excellent St. Louis recruits like Bauer 13′ and Beisel 12, and many more. Talk radio in KC has been slapped down by reality and recruits like Fairchild 12′, and Boehm 13′. All this added the fact that nobody in Out-State Missouri every flinched in their loyality to Missouri, Lambert (Brookfield), Bechham (Springfield), Baily (Lamar) and so many more over the entire program’s history. Even James Wilder II at Florida State was a great Missouri out-stater’s son.

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