SEC revenue up more than $41 million

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With the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M, the SEC saw a nice bounce in revenue for the fiscal year. USAToday obtained the SEC’s filed tax return that covers September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013.

The SEC saw a $41 million bump in revenue during the fiscal year, to bring the total revenue to $314.5 million. The SEC files as a non-profit and actually reported expenses of $317.9 million, a $3.4 million deficit.

Missouri and Texas A&M received $19.5 million each, while the other 12 members received around $21 million. The Tigers received $12.5 million from the Big 12 in 2010-11, while Texas A&M received $12.2 million.

With the launch of this August’s SEC Network, the revenue distribution to the conference’s 14 members will take another jump.

Commissioner Mike Slive is getting paid like a king, and I would still consider it a bargain. Slive’s pay jumped to $1,246,361 in 2012, which included a $1,173,333 base compensation. That’s up from a $940,000 base salary from the previous three years.

Why is Slive a bargain?

Slive is among the lowest paid BCS commissioners, as the ACC’s John Swofford (more than $1.6 million), Pac-12 Larry Scott ($1.575 million) and Big Ten’s Jim Delany (more than $1.3 million) all made more in 2011.

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