What you need to know about the SEC’s spring meetings this week

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days

SEC spring meetings kick off today in sunny Destin, Florida. With the SEC’s schedule already having been decided in 2016 and beyond, as well as cross-divisional rotating opponents, several other topics will take center stage.

Here are five of them:

1. Autonomy

The Big Five power conferences – ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC – want to decide how their own legislative process works. The NCAA Board of Directors is set to vote on the NCAA restructuring in August.

“Our presidents and chancellors have unanimously supported this effort to create autonomy in these areas that are related to student-athletes, so I anticipate that we will continue to support it,” Slive recently told the AP. “And I do anticipate that we will also want to see that the proposed model is modified so that that autonomy really means autonomy, that the five conferences can determine how their own legislative process will work.”

This doesn’t mean the end of the NCAA, at least not yet. Big Five schools will spend more money how they see fit, and it will benefit the players. Full cost of attendance or stipends, travel expenses for family members and broader insurance policies will all be talked about in the discussion.

Autonomy will be Slive’s buzz word this week.

2. SEC Network

Coming live to your home August 14th will be the SEC Network. Specifically, South Carolina and Texas A&M will play in the first-ever game on the network to kick off the college football season. Many details remain to be worked out. Officials will be in Destin to give details about the upcoming network. What other shows will be on? How many other partners will carry the network? Several questions loom, and the SEC Network should be a big topic of conversation this week.

3. Early Signing Period

The ACC proposed an early signing period for August 1, and CBS Sports reported that 80 percent of college coaches favor an early signing day, aside from February’s historical signing day. Will the SEC join the nationwide push for an early signing period? Not many have spoken in favor of it, and others hone in on recruits and flip them from other schools prior to signing day. Coaches are scheduled to meet Tuesday, and this should be a big topic of conversation within the walls.

4. 10-second proposal

This one isn’t going away. Although the NCAA tabled it for another year, SEC coaches remain on opposite ends. Bret Bielema and Nick Saban led the charge for it in the name of player safety, while Gus Malzahn, Hugh Freeze and others led the charge against it. An interesting parallel caveat in the argument is the officials. Coaches like Will Muschamp and Mark Richt aren’t for the proposal, but they think it’s necessary that officials do a better job than they are now at catching up to the game. The 10-second proposal will get some airtime this week.

5. Alcohol

A hot topic lately has been alcohol sales in stadiums. LSU AD Joe Alleva thinks selling beer in stadiums will happen in the future. The SEC actually prohibits alcohol at athletic events. A handful of SEC athletic directors have spoken out about selling alcohol at games, but there are many issues to be resolved before it could happen. You can read more about it here.

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  • The 10 second rule won’t be approved but SEC officials need to get their flaccid asses in shape and be ready to make the next play. I saw so much zebra scrambling last season, you’d have thought there were lions in the bushes. A lot of holding and procedure calls were not called because they just weren’t in position to make the calls…

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