Eight SEC teams are ranked in Sporting News’ preseason top 25


SEC spring meetings are underway, and it’s almost the official turning of the page from spring practice, with SEC Media Days right around the corner in July.

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Sporting News ranked the top 25 teams in college football, and surprises exist at the top. It’s not FSU; it’s not Alabama; rather, Oklahoma and Oregon sit atop the publisher’s preseason top 25. You can check out the entire ranking and reasoning here.

Eight SEC teams are listed as preseason top 25 programs, with Alabama, Auburn and South Carolina being three in the top 10. LSU and Georgia fall in the top 15, and Texas A&M, Ole Miss and Florida round out the top 25 for the conference.

Here’s a look at Sporting News’ preseason top 25:

1. Oklahoma
2. Oregon
3. FSU
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Stanford
7. Baylor
9. Ohio State
10. South Carolina
11. LSU
12. Michigan State
13. Arizona State
14. Notre Dame
15. Georgia
16. USC
17. Nebraska
18. Texas A&M
19. Wisconsin
20. Ole Miss
21. Washington
22. Florida
23. Texas
24. North Carolina
25. UCF

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Lead college football writer Matt Hayes has been known to take a stand on topics in the past, and he’s doing it again by leading the charge for the Oklahoma Sooners to be the preseason favorites, led by returning quarterback Trevor Knight, who helped thump Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Georgia is too low for me at No. 15 overall; UGA has top 10 talent, and Texas A&M continues to get top 20 love, even ranked higher than Ole Miss, which has one of the best rosters in college football.



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  • A&M seems too high, they may be sixth best in the west.

    • agreed. I don’t see them being more than a 7-8 win team this year.

    • i’m going to assume you have arkansas at 7th, and i see no reason why mississippi state will be better than A&M. ole miss is the wild card of the west, so who knows what they’ll do. regardless, i see A&M 5th at worst, 3rd at best (and yes, that’s assuming everything goes right for them and something goes wrong for bama, lsu or auburn), but i definitely don’t see them at 6th.

  • Oklahoma and Oregon at 1 and 2 doesn’t make much sense to me. No idea how people can rank FSU as anything but #1……unless they’re figuring that Winston is going to get another seafood craving.

    Most SEC teams seem to be about right, I think A&M is bit too high, but that’s it. I’m also happy with our #11 spot.

  • Where is Mizzou on this list? No respect.

    • 16 teams that have zero leg to stand higher than Missouri and more that have a hard time making much of a case. Oh well Missouri, we like it better that way anyway

  • I wouldn’t worry about Oklahoma being #1 for very long, they will choke and the same goes for Oregon. I’m not sold on LSU right now because they have to replace a ton of players and production. We know they have a talent, but they will young and inexperienced. Georgia is about right at 15. They have to prove that they can win the big games and replacing Murray is going to be tough. I don’t see A&M as a top 25 team at all. I think will be around a 6-6 or 7-5 team. A lot of ppl are underestimating Ole Miss. They have one of the most talented rosters in country. They are loaded with talent at every level on defense and have a ton of weapons on offense. Anyone that thinks Bo Wallace is going to suck, then they don’t know anything about him. He is finally healthy and right now he is with the top QB guru TIm House.

    • Did the Big 12 win all their bowl games? Did the Pac 12? So when a team wins games in that conference, it doesn’t mean they should be ranked ahead of conference leaders who won a higher % in regular season. Oklahoma lost two games and tied with or behind 4 other Big 12 teams. They beat Alabama who was ranked high but not ahead of the many teams that should be ranked ahead of Oklahoma to start this year. Sportswriters have too much anxiety over forgetting ancient history and honoring the most recent results. They shouldn’t assume that promoted players will be replaced with lesser factors unless there is a real observed performance drop off for that replacement. We all know that pre-season polls are baby ruths in the swimming pool but as long as we have to read them lets use the best comparisons out there and that means proven relative strength of conferences at the end of the last season

    • Nobody is under estimating Ole Miss. They are exactly where they should be. However as the weeks go on, they will slowly recede from the rankings like they usually do.

    • Calm down man, I don’t think anyone is underestimating or disrespecting us. If we start the year ranked somewhere in the 20’s, that would be about right. Yes, we’ve got some solid talent at almost every position, but then, so does everyone else in the SEC, especially the West. We were 15th in the nation in recruiting this past cycle, but only 5th in the West. That’s where we are right now…..building some good, solid depth, but so is everyone else. Let’s win some, and then we can talk.

  • At what point do these writers stop putting Oregon and Stanford in the top five????Oklahoma has a favorable path to get in playoff due to playing in a weak Big 12 Conference.LSU seems a bit too high and Georgia is too low.Georgia will win the East and should go to Atlanta with only one loss behind a strong offense and an improved defense.

  • This ranking has no merit!! Ole Miss should be droped and Mizzou added. 1,2 and 3 should be FSU , Auburn then Bama. Georgia should be above Ohio State. A&M should be at # 25. I don’t understand why Mizzou gets over looked they will be way better than Ole Miss this year. But then again this is preseason and all will change after a few games. Ole Miss will topple to the way side due to poor QB play and State will climbing the up in the rankings.

    • will be climbing up in the rankings.

    • Is the Sporting News published in St. Louis Missouri? (arm of the Dispatch) If so this could explain the attempt to gain national credential by leave the local Missouri boys (#5) off the poll. But there is no explaining the other ridiculous rankings in this poll.

    • State will climb up in the rankings to almost being in the top 25. Dak hasn’t proven anything except that State has all it’s eggs in 1 basket.

    • Typical State fan comment, only looking to bash Ole Miss. State will come close to a top 25 ranking with a favorable first 3 games, but then drop a game to LSU, beat A&M, and lose to Auburn. After that, State is capable of beating Kentucky, Arky, and UT Martin. So at 7-2, State will probably crack the top 25, but after that, with games against Bama, Vandy, and Ole Miss, State will most likely not see the top 25 again. Colreb makes a good point. State is putting it all on Dak, but next year, but teams know how to plan for him and what to expect. With how he runs a lot, he will most likely get hurt, and then who does State turn to? Ole Miss will do fine next year, and Bo will do what he needs to do to get the job done. With our depth and experience building, we’ll finish with 9 wins and a top 15 ranking.

  • I can remember the national champion, out of sheer respect, would be rated #1 after winning it all, until someone knocked them off the perch. It is my opinion this would have been an excellent year to do just that. However, if you look back, the Sporting News has been marching to a somewhat different drummer for a few years now as it relates to their polls. Lets face it…..polls in May are only good for us…they don’t really mean anything!

    • You are so right. It is disrespectful and pretentious and several other negative words I’m never sure if I’m spelling correctly, to ask football fans to accept a new poll before any team has played a down. The BCS had this part right when they made zero polls before the ??6th?? week. The new play-off committee is already off to a very bad start with their speculations

  • I know I shouldn’t be offended that Mizzou is not in this top 25 list. Mizzou has always been made to prove themselves. Just because they lost a few starters from last years team doesn’t mean the others didn’t have to reload as well. Mizzou wasn’t ranked last year at this time either; but look how things panned out for them in 2013/14. I expect the same will happen again this year (i.e., they will climb the polls that is…not saying they WILL win the SEC East…that’s a completely different story).

  • There could be 6 teams from the west in the top 25. Miss. St is a top 25 team as far as talent goes but playing in the west they wont end up ranked( if they were in any other conference or division they would be pre-season top 20 IMO). That’s pretty damn impressive.

  • A&M and Florida are ranked too high, Mississippi state and Vanderbilt should be in the top 25.

  • Top 15 should be as follows
    1. FSU
    2. Oregon
    3. Auburn
    4. Alabama
    7. Baylor
    8. South Carolina
    9. Ohio state
    10. Michigan state
    11. Georgia
    12. LSU
    13. Wisconsin
    14. Clemson
    15. Ole miss

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