The SEC’s top student sections

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It’s true. SEC student sections are rowdy, loud and often liquored up. Some wave pom-poms and yell Rammer Jammer down your throat, and some are just plain brutal to visit as a fan of the opposing team.

That’s the beauty of home field advantage, right?

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ESPN recently ranked the top student sections in the SEC based on ‘size, in-game antics and crowd volume’, and here is their top five. You can read their full article here.

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Florida
4. Texas A&M
5. Auburn

I would bump up Texas A&M to No. 2 and remove Florida completely, at least for the time being. Florida’s student section struggled to get to noon games, and except for the boo birds, Florida’s student section was as quiet as a mouse for several home games in 2013.

Here’s how my top five would look:

1. LSU
2. Texas A&M
3. Alabama
4. Auburn
5. South Carolina

I would throw South Carolina in the top five, mainly because they own the country’s longest home winning streak at 18 games. That doesn’t happen without a thriving crowd and loud student section. Tennessee and Florida have every right to be on this list, but a big proponent of getting rabid student sections is winning football games, something neither program did in 2013. Another underrated fan base is Mississippi State. They may have more than enough to yell for in 2014.

Prior to the start of 2013, ESPN ranked student sections on a national scale, and some of them were particularly interesting.

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  • I don’t know how anybody could not have aTm at the top of their lists when you have 20,000+ in attendance every week. As for the Gamecocks, personally and speaking from experience, when they’re good, they’re great, but when we’re playing a nobody, they disappear at half. From what I’ve read, Bama had a horrible no show rate for student tickets, even during two National Championship runs, so I guess it’s universal. Three cheers to those schools who have students who come, come in groves, and stay for the whole game and have an impact on the rest of the crowd.

  • CockyMike – Bama ALWAYS had a completely packed student section. The problem was they were leaving before the game was over when it was obvious Bama was going to win.

  • LSU’s student section has fallen off as far as noise is concerned. A stadium gets loud when the home squad is on D, so obviously when the defense is as apauling as 2013 LSU, the fans start to sit on their hands.

  • I’ve been to just about all of the sec stadiums and I’ve learned there really is no true way to rate student sections. You can rank the stadiums and their atmospheres, but you can’t exactly rank their student sections alone. All student sections are raucous. College students are crazy, I’m one of them. You’re better off ranking the few student sections that don’t get as rowdy as others, compared to those that get the rowdiest.

  • I normally find the ranking interesting if not inaccurate, but still entertaining. The ranking of the student sections is bogus and smells of taking kickbacks. I have been to Baton Rouge several times. Each time I have either experienced firsthand, vandalism to my property on campus or off campus. Twice the vandalism took place on campus by students. One poor fellow spent about 400 hours of community service after a weekend in the pooky. Second point, Alabama served notice to the Greeks that the reserved seating for the greek organizations would be ended if they did not show up earlier and stay longer into the games. Hardly one of the best. Only one school in the SEC has shown a decline in home game attendance over the last five years, that is Florida. Mainly the decline in attendance has been a result of dramatic fall in student attendance. You are making your judgement based on one cheer, the chomp. My vote is for Mississippi. No other student body has had their fight song changed, their mascot changed and they still show up in mass, generally with the Greek men wearing white shirts and ties. God Bless them. South Carolina gets a vote, especially considering they are the only school in the conference with an off campus stadium for home games. Auburn gets my third place. They come in mass, stay the game, and you don’t want a game ending possible winning drive to to end in that end of the stadium. Ask Mark Richt in his early years. Fourth goes to the Dawgs. They sometimes are late for the game but they stay. Now that Coach Adams has retired, we can get the student groups closer to campus and eliminate the littering issue. Relative to Tennessee, I have been to Knoxvegas more than I care to describe and I am yet to leave a game that I didn’t witness two Tennessee male fans having a fist fight outside Neyland. Mississippi State, take away the cowbells and the silence would be deafening. A & M gets a star, the corp makes it for them, not the cheerboys. Arkansas is lame. Even the Calling of the CO-EDS, I mean the Hogs, no I had it right the first time, is getting weak in the new digs. The rest, Vandy, too small, Kentucky, the ball isn’t round, Mizzou, yet to be determined.

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