SEC vs. non-conference opponents in 2013


2013 is a year everyone will point to and say the SEC took a step back from previous years, and that the chasm wasn’t as great compared to other conferences.

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In 2012, the SEC finished 14-9 (.609) against BCS and Independent opponents during the regular season and bowl games. In 2013, the conference finished 19-9 (.679) against the same competition. Although I thought the gap between the SEC and everyone else was greater in years past, the SEC actually had a better bowl record and a better non-conference record than previous years. So, what does that tell us? The gap is still there, and the SEC is still top to bottom better than other conferences, despite a perceived weakness.

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Against all non-conference competition, the SEC finished 55-11 (.833), including games against FCS, Sun Belt, Mountain West and MAC programs.

Here’s a breakdown by conference or opponent:

  • AAC: 4-1 (.800)
  • Big Ten: 3-1 (.750)
  • ACC: 7-4 (.636)
  • Big 12: 3-2 (.600)
  • Pac-12: 1-1 (.500)
  • Independent: 1-0
  • Mountain West: 1-0
  • Conference USA: 8-0
  • MAC: 6-0
  • Sun Belt: 9-1 (.900)
  • FCS: 12-1 (.923)

Although the talent level of the SEC was down in 2013 compared to years past, talent level around college football wasn’t enough to make a difference in the SEC’s non-conference record.

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  • FSU beating Auburn was a win for the rest of college football. Doesn’t matter that the SEC won 83% againt OOC teams including 68% vs. other BCS teams & 7-3 in bowls. The SEC is still viewed as down this year. As you said, the gap is as large as ever, but Alabama & Auburn losing 2 BCS games gave the SEC haters ammo. Hey, people don’t hate losers…..

  • I agree that there is still a large gap in talent between the SEC and the rest of the country. All you have to do is look at recruiting. Most of the teams from the SEC bring in a top 25 recruiting class, while other conferences are lucky to have two or three teams bring in a top 25 class. With the new playoff system starting, I only see the gap between the SEC and everyone else getting larger. Plus I see the SEC starting a another impressive national title streak. What I learned from the FSU/Auburn game was that FSU was lucky to beat Auburn and if they would have play a SEC schedule they would have a few loses. While this years Auburn team was really good, they were the weakest team the SEC has sent to the NCG since the SEC started their streak.

  • What if Mushchamp hadn’t ruined Florida?

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