Ole Miss defensive back charged with disorderly conduct

NCAA Football: Ole Miss at LSU

Ole Miss starting cornerback Senquez Golson was arrested Sunday by the Gautier Police Department and charged with disorderly conduct, according to the SunHerald.com.

The police department said the incident happened at 4:50 a.m. Sunday morning.

“The officer was in the midst of a call and he encountered Golson,” Gautier Police Department spokesman Jerry Cooksey said. “He attempted to identify him, but he didn’t have any identification on him and he wouldn’t give information.”

He was taken to the Adult Detention Center in Pascagoula and later released on $1,000 bond. Golson’s court date is set for July 28.

The 10-game starter is a key cog in the Rebels’ very talented and veteran secondary. He made 41 tackles, three pass breakups and two INTs last season.

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  • Miss. St. fans, what do you think?? Charge him with murder or hold off for now??

    • No reason to hold off….. ;)

    • you guys always claim that MSU fans are enamored with ole miss and when one of your inmates gets into trouble the first thing out of your mouth is Mississippi State! I don’t get it.

      • I don’t understand y’all’s infatuation with Ole Miss either. Strange, but glad to know y’all are so interested…..

      • Rriffe Then why are you here? Oh yeah “ENAMORED” with Everything OLE MISS. Thanks for proving that point!

        ou might want to take a look inward when making statements about “inmates” I dont think MisStake Crotch sniffers have much room when it comes to players with legal problems … and keep in mind YOUR PROGRAM IS STILL ON PROBATION for violating NCAA rules … not to mention ALL of the women beating, robbing thugs you have playing for you!

    • Gotta laugh at the Insipid Dolts that come on here from MisStake and want to put a man in the electric chair because he was without a shirt in his front yard … But you watch … Those racist trolls from Starkhell will be out in force on this claiming he’s guilty without a trial … for DOING NOTHING!

  • My question is what did the do? Now days it wouldn’t surprise me that it was probably the cop that was causing all the trouble and he just felt like taking Golson in because he didn’t have identification. I was any MP in the army, so I know that civilian cops can be just as bad as the bad guys from being around them.

  • Armyguy he did’nt have his prison ID on him. When players are signed to Ole Miss part of their early release is they must be issued a prison ID card and an ankle braclett.

    • Hey, Fugbussel … can you answer the question as to why MisStake fans are so OBSESSED with OLE MISS? Seriously, just because the REBELS dominate every sport against you … your fans are truly pathetic …

      I realize that Ole Miss is THE PREMIER FLAGSHIP UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI and is known for being the BIG BROTHER to you little crotch sniffers … and that you live in the shadow of the OLE MISS REBELS 24/7/365 … but, other than that … why the OBSESSION to troll every article about The Team that OWNS THE STATE, THE OLE MISS REBELS?


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