SEC SIDs rank the best player at every position for 2014


In a poll exclusive to, the SEC’s 14 football information directors voted on the best players at each position for 2014.

How do you know it’s not a quarterback league in 2014? Their voting may give you an indication. Missouri’s Maty Mauk and Auburn’s Nick Marshall were voted the top two passers in the league.

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Marshall was also voted the most valuable player who has the best shot to win the Heisman. I tend to agree about the Heisman, as quarterbacks have dominated the award, and Marshall has all the goods and weapons to make a serious run. Todd Gurley, though, is still the best player in college football…when he’s healthy.

Here’s a look at all the ‘best of’ for 2014, via

Most Valuable Player
QB Nick Marshall, Auburn
Next: RB Todd Gurley, Georgia

Top Heisman Candidate
QB Nick Marshall, Auburn
Next: RB Todd Gurley, Georgia

Most Versatile
Christion Jones, Alabama
Next: Malcolm Mitchell, Georgia

Most Underrated
OL A.J. Cann, South Carolina
Next: QB Dak Prescott, Miss. State

Best Athlete
QB Nick Marshall, Auburn
Next: WR/KR Christion Jones, Alabama

Best Leader
LB Ramik Wilson, Georgia
Next: LB Curt Maggitt, Tennessee

Best Outside Linebacker
Alvin Dupree, Kentucky
Next: Kwon Alexander, LSU

Best Inside Linebacker
Ramik Wilson, Georgia
Next: A.J. Johnson, Tennessee

Best Defensive Lineman
Dante Fowler, Florida
Next: Trey Flowers, Arkansas

Best Cornerback
Vernon Hargreaves III, Florida
Next: Jalen Mills, LSU

Best Safety
Landon Collins, Alabama
Next: Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss

Best Offensive Lineman
Jarvis Harrison, Texas A&M
Next: Reese Dismukes, Auburn

Best Receiver
Amari Cooper, Alabama
Next: Sammie Coates, Auburn

Best Runner
Todd Gurley, Georgia
Next: Mike Davis, South Carolina

Best Blocking Back
Jalston Fowler, Alabama
Next: Mike Davis, South Carolina

Best Passer
Maty Mauk, Missouri
Next: Nick Marshall, Auburn

Best Kick Returner
Christion Jones, Alabama
Next: Andre Debose, Florida

Best Place-Kicker
Marshall Morgan, Georgia
Next: Colby Delahoussaye, LSU

Best Punter
Drew Kaser, Texas A&M
Next: Devon Bell, Miss. State

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  • Interesting that Jarvis was selected as best OL and not his teammate Cedric Ogbuehi, who most consider a top 5 pick next year.

  • The only interesting about this article is how much Nick Marshall’s a$$ was kissed and that Laquon Treadwell wasn’t voted best receiver! Idiot voters…also Cody Prewitt was 2nd to No one at safety leading or at least tying with the most interceptions last year and I don’t see him faultering (that means slacking to the idiots voting on this) get your head out of au’s butts. They lost the NC with nick Marshall playing. I’m not saying Ole Miss was the best or will be this year, but as long as there’s a chance to play they give %100. Give credit where it’s due. SDS,
    and you honestly say Prewitt deserved to be behind anybody as best safety? Not just because of int’s as a hard hitting player. Like I said idiots voted on this and it’s almost too dumb to post on SDS!!!

    • Ok, so you recognize that Sports Information Directors don’t consume much information about other programs rosters. Kinda like fans, huh? So to put this in proper perspective I guess we could ask the question “How would Marshall do on an average SEC roster?”. I think the result would somewhat confirm your idea about that particular vote outcome anyway. It’s possible that in the 2014 SEC the most valuable player could turn out to be a linebacker, because there are a lot of unproven quarterbacks and numerous running backs might be the major threats. I’m not ready to promote Gurley when so many other running backs had equal and better ypc stats.

  • Mike Davis ahead of Alex Collins? What??

  • I did not see no throw Bo anywhere on this list….what a surprise…..NOT!!!

    • If this wasn’t posted 4 months ago I’d have more to say. State hate runs deep against better players from other schools. Bo doesn’t have much of a duel threat, but nor does he need it. Treadwell? Engram? Cody Core? He’s got the hands to put the ball in. And our D? Good luck finding that end zone!

    • Nice and classy. I can never get enough of the cliche “no Bo”, “Ole piss”, “rebel/bear/land shark/and the ultimate from some clever state fan: hotty potty. Tsun on that puppy radar, huh?

    • Sure ran y’all’s butts outta oxford last time y’all visited. Let me help your memory. Imagine looking at jumbotron and hearing “Feed Moncrief” from the PA making you run for the parking lot! See you in oxford for more!

  • I agree with you wolf man. how many times have we heard that Gurley is the best running back and yet his numbers don’t show that? and what is it about Georgia that makes fans thinks they are going to win the east? I don’t think Georgia or Missouri either one is deep enough that a couple injuries to the right unit may not decimate them.

    • Watch Gurley play, when he’s fully healthy, and you won’t be having any doubts about him any longer. Getting nearly 1000 yards while missing most of 4 games (I think) and being hobbled when coming back is impressive. In the mighty SEC no less. What makes us think Georgia can win the East? Going 5 deep at RB and WR, along with a well above average starting QB. Returning most of the starters from an offense that averaged 36 points per game last year. I believe. Memory is getting a bit old over here haha. And our linebackers are the best in the country. Our defensive line is solid. Ditto for offensive line. Special teams is under new coaching. And we have the best kicker in the SEC. The only thing that worries anyone is the secondary. But that is Coach Pruitt’s specialty. And having only one position group to worry about means a more than good enough team to win the SEC East.

  • Gurley deseved to be recognized and he got that plus. It past time for the other good backs in the SEC to receive recognition some of them are just or more exciting to watch.

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