Sporting News projects 11 SEC teams to go bowling in 2014


Only 72 days remain until SEC football! Can you feel it?

Sporting News released their preseason bowl projections, and you can check out every single projection here. The long-time sports publisher says 11 SEC teams will go bowling this year, with three teams – Arkansas, Kentucky and Vanderbilt – watching from their couches.

The site projects Alabama as the SEC’s favorite to make the College Football Playoff, pitting a rematch against their preseason No. 1 team, Oklahoma. The site also projects Oregon and Oklahoma will play for all the marbles.

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Here’s the complete projections for the 11 SEC teams:

College Football Playoff
Rose Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Alabama
Sugar Bowl: Oregon vs. Florida State

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: Auburn vs. Michigan State
Capital One Bowl: LSU vs. Nebraska
Birmingham Bowl: Tennessee vs. East Carolina
Outback Bowl: Georgia vs. Wisconsin
Gator Bowl: South Carolina vs. Miami
Liberty Bowl: Florida vs. TCU
Independence Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Syracuse
Music City Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Louisville
Belk Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Clemson
Texas Bowl: Missouri vs. Kansas State

Left out: Arkansas, Kentucky and Vanderbilt

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  • Why would they send Bama and the Okies to the Rose and Oregon and FSU to the Sugar. Just as a side thought. Oklahoma and Oregon won’t be in the top 4. They will both lose 2 games this year.

  • I do not see Missouri being in the Texas Bowl next year, behind the likes of Tennessee, Ole Miss, and MSU.

    Especially Tennessee. I know UT would get a better-than- they- deserve bowl game after such a long absence (and with a pretty great fanbase, given the struggles.) But I seriously doubt a 6-6 UT team (a fairly optimistic scenario with that schedule) gets put ahead of an 8-4 Mizzou team (a pretty darned conservative estimate of their record at this point.) The gap in fanbase/ticket sales/TV ratings between MU and UT isn’t THAT massive. Frankly, with roster attrition UT looks more likely than anything to finish 5-7 again. Every year is always going to be the “return of Tennessee” and every year that results in the same disappointment.

  • Oregon’s style would be an attractive and interesting bowl game but there is one problem, it’s not executed well enough at this point in time to deserve to be in the play-offs and no coach or heros on the horizon to bring back the state of duck-art. Alabama would not be attractive or interesting and they will also be short on specialty bigs. Oklahoma will be very lucky to win the big 12 much less qualify for the play-offs. Florida States chances rest on a twice court room escapee, do you think the rest of his personal life is moving toward being a repeat champion? Ok, so much for dropping historical names. I think South Carolina and Missouri have a chance but SC needs to find a groove with a different kind of QB and not really a Spurrier prototype. Missouri will have to re-invent themselves as a different kind of 3 back assault and a double tight end linebacker breaker but their attacking roster has play-offs written all over it. The Big 10 champ cannot win the whole thing, nor the Pac champ, I doubt the Big 12 champ can win it. Maybe Georgia has a chance to re-develop if they don’t get too many losses early. Mississippi State has to grow for one more year to have a chance. LSU will probably have another season where they only have 2-3 losses but they will come before the bowl games. That’s my guesswork.

    • Oklahoma will have a top 5 defense and a top 10 offense.

      • Thanks for that suggestion, sounds like you agree that one team in the ACC, four in the SEC,three in the Big 10, two in the Pac 10, and three in the Big 12, have better offenses than Oklahoma. So you are saying that Oklahoma’s defense will qualify them for what? How many team’s did Alabama score a similiar number of points against last year. Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma compared to Missouri putting up 42 against Oklahoma State. I agree that Oklahoma is clawing their way back into the top 20 but I don’t think we can make too much out of their bowl victory last year. I agree that beating Alabama was a statement however and worth careful consideration.

  • Bama will get killed by OU again!! Boomer Sooner!!!!

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