Spurrier talks about coaching and getting older, accuses Big Ten school of negative recruiting


Steve Spurrier has already been to the Fountain of Coaching Youth, and he’ll turn 69 in April. Teams have used Spurrier’s age factor in the past to negatively recruit against South Carolina, but with three straight 11-win seasons, and the fact that he looks like he coach for 20 more years, that talk has died down.

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Spurrier spoke to the AJC about coaching as he ages, via AJC.

“That’s just other coaches guessing,” Spurrier said. “I will tell you what is neat. You look around at college basketball now, and there’s Jimmy Boeheim, who is almost 70 years old. He has got the only undefeated team in the country. Larry Brown is at SMU. He’s 73, and I think they’re a top 10 team. Mike Krzyzewski is in his upper 60s and so forth. Coaches don’t get fired for being older coaches. They get fired for not winning. That’s why there’s not a bunch of old coaches out there because, along the way, almost everybody gets fired. That’s just the way it is.

“Physically and hopefully mentally, I’m the same as I was 20 years ago. I can still call the plays and all of that. I probably do more as a head coach than 90-percent of the guys out there, as far as game day and calling the plays. There are not many head coaches who call the plays anymore. So really, age is just a number.

“It all comes down if you are winning and losing, if you’re recruiting well, and if your program is on the upbeat and it’s positive. That’s what we all shoot for and obviously it’s not that easy to do.

“But the age of a coach really has nothing to do with it.”

I’m sure countless teams negatively recruit against the Gamecocks’ program (and every other program), but Spurrier made sure he pointed out that one Big Ten school did indeed negatively recruit against South Carolina this recruiting cycle.

“We don’t run into much of any negative recruiting around here as SEC coaches,” Spurrier said. “We were involved with a player who was being recruited by a Big Ten school. They got negative a little bit with ‘There’s a lot of crime in Columbia, the big city. They don’t graduate their players,’ which was completely untrue. They searched for a little bit of everything but the player came with us anyways.”

It could only be one of two Carolina signees: CB Chris Lammons or DE Blake McClain. South Carolina was battling Wisconsin for Lammons, while the Gamecocks flipped McClain from Nebraska.

Never change, Coach Spurrier.

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  • I love the OBC. He definitely has a doctorate in trolling.

  • The best was when Lane Kiffin told Alshon Jeffery that he’d end up “pumping gas” if he went to SCAR. He is, into his brand new Mercedes, on his way the Pro Bowl.
    Guys need to recruit the right way. You hear about any negative recruiting b/w them and Clemson or UGA, which is good.

  • Congratulations to Coach Spurrier from a Missouri follower. I would sum up your 2012 against Missouri has getting your team out of the starting blocks better and emphasis on special teams. In 2013 it was, use you defense to stay close, and take all your risks with your qb at the end of the game. Both were winning game plans, coach + players deserve credit. Hope you coach as long as you are having fun, It’s good for the SEC, good for Missouri, and of course good for South Carolina.

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