Steve Spurrier calls the 10-second proposal ‘The Saban Rule’, says it’s ridiculous


Nick Saban has been the fall guy for the new 10-second proposal that would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute before the offense can snap the ball, but no one has used Saban’s name publicly.

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After all, Saban and Bret Bielema were in the original committee meeting, and Saban voiced his concerns over the style of play.

So, it’s about time we heard from Steve Spurrier on the subject anyway, and he called it ‘The Saban rule,’ according to

“So, you want to talk about the ‘Saban Rule’?” Spurrier asked Thursday, chuckling. “That’s what I call it. (It) looks like it’s dead now, hopefully.”

Spurrier said he gave committee chairman and Air Force coach Troy Calhoun a call about the proposal and left him a voicemail. Spurrier also called the proposal ridiculous.

“I just told him I was against it,” Spurrier said. “It’s ridiculous. Let’s let everybody keep playing the way they’ve been playing.”

Whether the rule was enforced or not, it wouldn’t affect South Carolina much. The Gamecocks rarely snap the ball under 10 seconds of the play clock starting. Outside of Bret Bielema, not one other coach has recently spoken in favor of the new rule, and committee chairman Troy Calhoun remains very skeptical whether or not the injury evidence is there at all.

The rule will be voted on March 6th by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

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  • Hahahaha i’ve been waiting on spurrier to chime in on this subject. Always provides some good laughs

  • Spurrier is always honest. I guess we’ll find out if that pissed of Saban when SC and bama meet in Atl for the SEC championship

  • Saban OVERLOAD!!. Just shut up and coach. I heard he was going to have all Alabama fans kiss his statue’s butt. Prior to every home game. They would all do it BTW.

  • Well as I see it the rules will change sooner or later anyway there are always people out there wanting something different and using an “accident” as the starting point. 10 seconds REALLY you want to fight over 10 seconds, I say hell let them have it most of them need it to wipe the tears away to be able to make a play. And as for Saban I myself am not an Alabama fan but I am a Saban fan ( He is from West Virginia and he has a lot of class) I think he may have gave a chuckle to it being called that, But I can almost say for a fact he will let it blow by him like the wind and do what he loves to do couch good football players to become great men in one path of their lives.

  • Street wise thinking

    It’s a trick, Saban floats the idea and gets that door locked tight and then he shows up with a brutal plan that has everybody bitchin but the door has already been closed.

  • Saban has to much class to comment on stupid crap !!!! I am a huge Alabama fan but I wouldn’t kiss the “butt” of his statue. as one of the comments says !!!!! Guess what I was a fan for 10 years when they couldn’t buy a winning game also so …….

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