Spurrier gets raise from South Carolina, updating all SEC head coaches’ salaries


The next round of beers is on Steve Spurrier.

South Carolina raises Spurrier’s $3.3 million salary to $4 million per year, according to The State. Spurrier isn’t going anywhere, but what he’s done at South Carolina hasn’t been told enough. Three straight 11-wins seasons, including five straight over Clemson, will get you paid.

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Spurrier is 68 years old, and I hope he coaches for another 25 seasons. He’s a national treasure and a big-time winner who’s evolved his play calling and plan to win in order to stay a top 10 coach in college football.

Let’s update the SEC head coaches’ current salaries:

*Note: Nick Saban has reportedly received an extension and raise to $7 million, but it hasn’t been finalized yet.

Head Coach School Salary
Nick Saban Alabama $5.3 million*
Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M $5 million
Steve Spurrier South Carolina $4 million
Gus Malzahn Auburn $3.85 million
Les Miles LSU $3.7 million
Mark Richt Georgia $3.2 million
Hugh Freeze Ole Miss $3.0 million
Will Muschamp Florida $3.0 million
Bret Bielema Arkansas $2.95 million
Butch Jones Tennessee $2.9 million
Gary Pinkel Missouri $2.8 million
Dan Mullen Mississippi State $2.6 million
Mark Stoops Kentucky $2.2 million

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  • Spurrier deserves every penny and more. From being a historical cellar-dwellar to now competing and being in the conversation every year, what he has done there is simply amazing. Most either hate or love him, but regardless of how you feel about him, you couldn’t make a logical/sound argument against the job he has done there.

  • The OBC is probably my favorite college football head coach of all time. His interviews are solid gold. Even his occasional trolling of Ole Miss (who hasn’t he trolled at some point??) hasn’t made me dislike him at all.

  • The top five have earned it.

    • I don’t think Kevin Sumlin has really earned it compared to the other top SEC coaches. Yes Sumlin’s first two years at A&M have been good. But for one reason, he has only been their TWO years and he as had the great luck to have a once in a life time QB that was already on campus. Honestly, Manziel earned that money more than Sumlin. If it weren’t for Manziel A&M doesn’t win a lot of their games. I know for a fact that the only reason A&M managed to beat Ole Miss twice was because of the Manziel. Because Ole Miss was winning both games until late when Manziel did what he does.

  • Another $Million and he will equal what the Redskins were paying him a decade ago. Let’s be honest, if he were 10 years younger, he would be at Texas, Alabama, or somewhere and be the highest paid college coach. I am so glad the Florida AD disrespected him nine years ago when he told Spurrier to send in a resume for the Florida. Spurrier’s alleged reply was “tell them to look in the trophy case.”

  • Any of them single?

  • Poor Mark Stoops at Kentucky….he ONLY makes 2.2 million a year as the lowest salary of SEC coaches. Don’t you just feel for him? Me too…..
    And Steve Spurrier? If they paid the man 10 million a year, it would still be a bargain for where he has taken the South Carolina football program. They are now firmly planted in the upper tier of the conference. It’s about time for a playoff appearance for the Gamecocks!

  • This list is not up to date. Sagan is currently at 7.5 mil/yr. not sure about the others but I know Sagan has gotten his raise

  • Muschamp is 3 milliom over paid

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