Steve Spurrier: I’m declaring South Carolina the national champion of bowl season


Fresh off Clemson’s Dabo Swinney attempting to troll South Carolina, Steve Spurrier is firing back, via

“Well, he’s right,” Spurrier said. “We’ve never even been to a BCS bowl. We can’t get invited. We’re in the SEC.”

With the BCS coming to a close, Spurrier may not have to use his rebuttal in the near future. Thankfully, the new College Football Playoff will allow two teams from the same conference.

The Ol’ Ball Coach has turned around a dormant program that has finished with 11 wins the last three seasons, and coming off another 11-2 season, Spurrier is declaring the Gamecocks the ‘national champions of bowl season’, via

“We’re looking for any kind of championship we can find around here. We don’t have many. It’s amazing how we found ways to win this year. It just seemed like we kept having good things happen to us ever since we left Knoxville [a 23-21 loss to Tennessee on Oct. 19].

“There’s going to be about 11 of us who are somewhere around 11-2 or 12-2, so we’ll see how it all shakes out [referring to final top 25],” Spurrier said. “But I’m going ahead and declaring us the national champion of the bowl season.”

Spurrier’s Gamecocks beat the Fiesta Bowl winner (UCF), Orange Bowl winner (Clemson) and the Cotton Bowl winner (Mizzou). With that, the Gamecocks beat three top 15 teams.

The only three programs in college football to have the kind of success South Carolina has had in three straight seasons has been Alabama, Oregon and Stanford.

And still, nobody is talking about South Carolina.

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  • SC also beat 3 other bowl winners.

  • It’s okay if nobody’s talking about South Carolina right now. Nobody was talking about Auburn this time last year. Or Mizzou. Or UCF. And maybe I’m biased, but there’s only one game on the schedule next year where I think the odds are stacked heavily against the Gamecocks. I could live with an 11-1 and a winner-takes-all rematch against Auburn in the SEC Title game. 2014 very well could be the year of the chicken.

  • Dabo must be as dumb as his name sounds. You just can’t talk that kind of smack about a team that has owned you the last five years and whom you have only beaten once.

  • don’t talk to me about Oregon Stanford or Alabama if you don’t include South Carolina. they have been short changed on the amount of national press they should have received this year. they could and probably should finish higher than mizzou in the final poll. hell when sds was touting the west over the east last week I was stunned how they seem to dismiss South Carolina

  • Foley, see what happens with a real head coach.

  • Evidently SDS thinks very highly of Spurrier, every time I get on this page he’s always the first face I see! LOL’s, but I do agree for the games he did win the press just doesn’t seem to be there, maybe if they would have beaten Tenn. In this league it seems you are judged by the losses.

  • I sure miss Steve(Gator fan).
    He is funny and keeps things interesting.
    He needs to win an SEC Championship next year.

    It’s never boring with Spurrier!

  • Spurrier should have declared that the State of South Carolina is national champions for the bowl season. That would have gotten a bigger applause, and made Dabo look weak in the process.

  • They got beat by the Gator Bowl Loser though. Can I get a Sic Em?

  • Oh…and not like they would have gotten into a 4 team playoff this year either…so that doesn’t really make any difference.

  • Two SEC teams played for the national title after the 2011 season didn’t they? USC wasn’t one of them.

    • That’s part of what Steve takes issue with. Had there not been a limit on the number of teams from one conference allowed under the BCS system, Carolina would have been in the 2012 Sugar Bowl where they likely would have drubbed VA Tech to take a BCS bowl trophy a mere 24 hours before Clemson’s shameful 33-point loss to an overlooked WVU team.

  • This DAWG fan would like to congratulate Spurrier and USC on their bowl season national championship!

  • I wish I could follow spurrier around for a living. Always keeps things fresh lol

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