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Texas A&M’s Kyle Field will have the largest scoreboard in college football

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As part of Kyle Field’s $450 million renovation, the Aggies will have the largest SEC football stadium when construction is complete in 2015. And, now, they’ll also have the largest scoreboard…in the country.

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Texas A&M officials met with the media to give an update about the extensive ongoing renovations, and they unveiled the massive scoreboard that will be 47 feet tall and 163 feet wide to be finished by Texas A&M’s first home game on September 6th.

More importantly, the giant scoreboard will surpass Texas’ by 291 square feet, which is currently the largest in the country.

College Station: where the money flows like wine. All kidding aside, Kyle Field is going to look sweet come August 2015.


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  1. Sweet…but whats with the UFO hovering in the last pic?

  2. Which moves Arkansas down to #3 in the nation. Bleh

  3. I always thought there were aliens at Texas A&M……the last pic only confirms it!