Former Mizzou WR TJ Moe speaks out against college football players unionizing


The ever-quotable TJ Moe went on an epic Twitter rant yesterday regarding the NLRB saying Northwestern football players can unionize. Moe makes some compelling points against unions, but he does feel the need for change.

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Where do you stand on Northwestern’s player union? Do you agree with Moe?

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  • Kid is bright & I agree with his tweets. Also, assuming this sticks for the private institutions, can’t the schools just tell prospective student-athletes that if they want to join the union, they won’t be given scholarships? At Vandy, where I assume that the tuition, room & board, books, etc. has to exceed $50,000 a year, a scholarship is quite valuable. Be interesting to see where this goes.

  • T.J., you are still a college football hero, only now you’re a hero for every college program not just Mizzou. No wait, you are now a hero for every college student who has or will ever get a scholarship or grant-in-aid. Thanks. Oh, and in 2013 the air got fresher, the babes hotter, and the toilet paper thicker in Missouri also.

  • I had to pay taxes on my academic scholarships.

  • The way I see it, athletes should be given a standardized stipend on top of their scholarships so that no school would be put at a disadvantage in recruiting simply because other schools offer more money, but athletes are still compensated for their efforts. I also agree with his point about endorsement deals.

  • Endorsements will not work. The principle of amateurism IS the market for college football. Why is that so hard to understand? The opposite thing needs to happen. Those who want or need money need to go on to the pro level. Why is it such a new idea that extremely economically challenged people don’t have time for non-professional pursuits? Believe it or not, lots of student athletes also have jobs while going to college. I did.

  • Kid makes a great point, hopefully the NCAA is paying attention.

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