Georgia DC Todd Grantham leaving for Louisville


Georgia now has two defensive coaching vacancies on their staff.

According to ESPN, Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham is leaving for Louisville to join Bobby Petrino, where he will become the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator.

Grantham was one of the SEC’s highest paid assistant coaches and made around $850,000.

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Louisville went after Alabama’s director of player personnel Kevin Steele, but Steele declined the offer.

The Bulldogs’ defense has been one of the most underachieving units in college football the last few seasons, even with NFL talent all over the field.

UGA defensive backs coach Scott Lakatos recently left Georgia for ‘personal reasons’.

Update: Grantham is expected to be paid $1 million per season.

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  • BREAKING: UGA to offer Saban $115 million in 13 month contract.

  • That is the best new I have heard this entire season. I only wish it had happened a year ago.

  • Hearts are breakin in Dawg Nation

  • Yes Yes Yes!!! Didn’t think this guy would be able to leave, but he has somehow found a way to be rewarded for doing a mediocre job the past two years. Hope we keep Chris Wilson and Kirk Olivadotti, but if they end up being casualties for the greater good, so be it.

  • A few observatons: First off I doubt if Louisville will pay him more than he was receiving at UGA? Wasn’t he one of the highest paid assistants in the contry? It was obvious Richt was going to give him another year. After many wanted him gone. He had 9 or 10 starters coming back. That’s interesting. UL IS NOT a move up. They will be a new member of the ACC and have played in one BCS bowl that I know of. Louisville is a basketball school. Their new head coach (second time) is a little contraversial to say th least !! Three weeks before signing day. Just odd timing if you ask me. But, I think UGA can do better. He was about the 4th choice anyway after Martino left.

    • Agreed that UL is not a move up, but my guess is that Grantham, staring down the barrel of what would certainly be his last year at UGA and the prospect of looking for a new job after that year with several years of awful performance on his resume, he saw an opportunity to have gainful employment for the next few years and was grateful to take it.

      You have to give the guy credit though: it takes a lot of talent to go into your job day after day, do it terribly, and still make close to $1M/yr.

  • Woohoooooo! Best news ever!

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