Alabama 5-star early enrollee arrested


Just weeks after enrolling early at Alabama, five-star defensive back Tony Brown was arrested last night.

Brown was charged with failure to obey and resisting arrest, according to the Tuscaloosa News. Brown was one of the nation’s top cornerback prospects, and he’s a dual-sport athlete who will also run track.

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247Sports reported that Brown was arrested after midnight, and Brown and friends were reportedly playing their music too loud and things escalated from there.

We’ll continue to monitor and update the situation.

Update: According to, Brown was arrested for threatening Tuscaloosa police officers and refusing to obey orders.

According to Sgt. Brent Blankley, the police ordered the crowd to disperse more than once, but Brown specifically continued to be a problem. Blankley said he was told to back up and leave the area, but Brown would immediately approach the officers again after walking a few steps away.

Officers warned Brown that he would be arrested if he continued to disobey them, Blankley said, and Brown responded by yelling threatening profanity at them.

The lawmen there moved to take Brown into custody, but he pulled away from them and resisted arrest. Blankley said officers then hit Brown with pepper spray, forced him to the ground and cuffed him.

This isn’t exactly how you want your college career to get started.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Is anyone really surprised? Honestly?

  • Sounds like he just needs an attitude adjustment. No big deal.

  • His autographed arrest record will be $249.99 at T-town Menswear by Monday.

  • I wonder if the pepper spraying he received was worth it to him to not turn his music down. It’s really sad how many college football players ruin once in a lifetime chances by being stupid when there are good kids who would die for that chance.

  • At least he didn’t hv a weaponwith the serial # scrartced off. Like the 5 star runnig back at UGA. And just OBTW the person in the car with him at the time ws te now suspended for urinalysis failure 4 star DB Harvey-Clemons for a second time. Only the names change from year to year. And, its not any particular school. See Jeremy Hill, Jordan Jefferson at LSU

    • Except with Georgia we actually suspend/kick the kids off the team instead of hiding it or letting it slide. And generally our bad apples end up at other SEC teams lol.

      • Yeah thanks for that by the way, Mett was a great QB and leader for LSU on and off the field lol

      • Can you give an example of your claim on “hiding it or letting it slide?”

        • Oh, Dearbrave, you and your need for “examples.” In your valiant effort to defend Lord Saban and his legion of elephants, nothing is fact and Bama players can do no wrong. I’d say “letting it slide” applies to allowing DJ Pettway back on the team after his admitted involvement in a few violent robberies. Yes, I know “he paid his dues” “he was kicked off the team”, blah, blah, blah. I believe in second chances, but his second chance should be somewhere else. See Isaiah Crowell at Alabama State.

        • Oh yes, me and my “proof.” Why can’t we just go back to the old days when you can claim someone is a witch and the whole town will lynch them. After all, if someone SAYS it’s true then it must be right? Ah-hyuck.
          I don’t agree with DJ still being on the team but seeing as he was punished I don’t see how that’s “letting it slide.” If the conference, the NCAA, and the team agree that a punishment is sufficient enough to let a kid play then how is that letting it slide? Simply because you disagree?? (before you start barking even more just remember that I don’t think he should’ve been able to rejoin the team)

        • My point is: you will never have concrete evidence unless you have a clear video of someone doing something. Hell, even confessions are considered false in rare instances. So, when challenge someone to provide “proof” of something they have read or heard somewhere else, you have given yourself an airtight argument because the person you are challenging won’t be able to produce anything you can’t shoot down as unreliable.

        • I understand what you’re saying but you’re taking it the wrong way. Take Penn St for example. There is undeniable proof that the team and the school tried to hide it. That can’t be argued. It happened, disgustingly enough it was swept under the rug, and we have proof of that now. What I ask for is not in any way impossible, all I ask for is SOMETHING more than accusations. If someone were to provide that, I’d stand corrected and own up to it. But I just think that you have to take everything with a grain of salt these days and no not just at Alabama, as much as you’d like to think that I believe they’re the perfect program through and through.

  • Glad this guy changed his mind at the last second and didn’t go to LSU… Woulda been another trouble maker that we don’t need

  • Snce we’re at it , the selling back of school books. Then reporting them stolen to police was a bit much. It goes on and on and on.

  • Uh oh. He just got a dose of real world reality that he has never experienced in Beaumont. Either he will get right or prepare to transfer to Bama State soon…

  • some of these kids were probably raised in a violent neighborhood. and the way he reacted may have actually been better than the norm although I don’t know anything about his background. but not every kid gets to be like Jeremy Maclin or DGB, taken out of a bad environment but no good environment. what I do find entertaining though is how nasty fans are towards each other in the offseason. I know over on the Eastside were quite a bit more civil during this season. but you Westers are just nasty to one another.

    • that was supposed to read taken from a bad environment and put into a good environment.

      • while they were still young

        • Zoucat, what is going on with DGB? I read the police report of his recent arrest. The car he was riding in smelled like pot to the police when they were pulled over, then the cops discover 1 lb. of marijuana in the car. I was floored. Smoking it is one thing, and his first offense was lessened to second degree trespassing, which makes no sense, but he at least an opportunity to learn from it. I don’t know how DGB can explain away riding in a car with a 1 lb of pot. You can’t claim you didn’t know when the car smells like pot to cops. What is your general take on it? With that much of it, there has to be intent to distribute. I know what Richt would do, but what do you think will happen?

        • **he at least had an opportunity…*

  • Only 2 seasons down South Football and Beach.
    Coming from a violent neighborhood or upbringing, doesn’t mean there are two sets of rules or laws. We live in a nation of laws regardles of your upbringing. Granted , these kids are given more chances than the average student. And they are bringing revenue to every school. Have you been to Jacksonville for UF, UGA? Millions and Millions spent. But breaking the law is just that.

  • “SO STOOPID”, send his Dumb Ass packing. He had his big chance and has blown it, probably by thinking he’s above the law. Guess he found out the hard way.

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