Top ten inappropriate ways to celebrate National Signing Day


National Signing Day has arrived, and it’s one of the biggest days of the year for the nerdiest college football fans (no disrespect intended). Some of us take our fandom to another level every time the first Wednesday of February rolls around (this guy here is quite sick).

Some of you are taking off work officially by staying home and remaining glued to ESPNU, Twitter and your favorite message board. Others of you are taking off work unofficially by punching the clock and remaining glued to ESPNU, Twitter and your favorite message board. Regardless, we honor those of you who take it up a notch on NSD with a list of inappropriate ways to celebrate one of the biggest days of the year.

1) We suggest you show up to work tomorrow dressed like Nick Saban. Reuben Foster did it when he signed his LOI last year. This won’t be the only time Reuben is mentioned in this list.

2) The rise of the fax girl. Some speculate that National Signing Day is keeping the fax machine relevant. Wrong. The fax girl is keeping the fax machine relevant. Alabama helped make it a big deal in both 2011 and 2012.


3) Take out your frustration regarding a recruit’s decision on himself and others on Facebook. You’re only a real fan if you yell at the guy who doesn’t pick your school! After all what is Facebook for? Sometimes you can even chase an athlete off of Facebook like when this happened.

4) Get a tattoo of your rival school. Oh, you thought Reuben Foster was just being indecisive? No, this is how you troll other fan bases in 2014.

5) If you’re not ready for a tattoo, you can just pull a Cyrus Kouandjio and announce for Auburn on National Signing Day and then flip to Alabama.

6) Take in everything about the duo of Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin. Who knew these two could be such fun? Fun exercise: describe Lane Kiffin in this photo using one word.

7) Make a scene on National TV when a family member commits to play football. Then do it again when another family member does the same thing. Can’t somebody related to this woman play for the LSU Tigers?!

8) Go to work tomorrow and put five hats on the front of your desk and tell your co-workers you’ll be making your choice around 3:30 PM. Or if you prefer, put five helmets on your desk instead a la Matt Elam.

9) Fax in a forged LOI for a top 5-star recruit to your team and give your fan base a few moments of glee. Why not? Floyd Raven’s mom did just that not long ago.

10) Utilize wildlife in making some sort of announcement. Isaiah Crowell may have been prone to break the law, but he knows how to use a puppy to announce his commitment to the Dawgs.

Enjoy National Signing Day!



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  • What about “fake the whole process and throw a press conference announcing your pledge to a school ywho has never heard of you”?

  • alabama harasses players with 300 faxes as if nick saban and the coaches really want him and that stupid naive 17 year olds are too dam dumb to know that there being manipulated by 300 faxes that all say the same thing from THE SECRETARY ASSISTANTS INTERN, not the coaches..they try to make it seem like their needed and important because of the amount of repeated copies they received..if it was me i would rule that dumbass school out simply because its harassing and annoying..think about the parents having to see the same letter 300 times..u dont think that bothers them? ALABAMA IS IN A STATE OF DECLINE.YOUR 4 YEARS OF GREAT DEFENSE SUCKY QUARTERBACK PLAY AND BANDWAGON FANS IS CATCHING UP…IT KINDA SUCKS BECAUSE I ALWAYS ENJOY WATCHING ALABAMA FANS CRY AFTER THEY LOSE. GROWN MEN, ITS FUNNY RIDICULOUS…UNGRATEFUL EXPECT TO WIN AND DOMINATE AND YOUR BUBBLE GETS BUSTED AND REALITY HITS YOU THAT YHAT TEAM ISNT PERFECT AND YOUR A ”SORE LOSER”

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