Georgia hires defensive line coach


Georgia has officially hired their new defensive line coach, and it’s a good one.

Tracy Rocker, who coached the Tennessee Titans defensive line the last three seasons, is heading to Athens. Rocker played at Auburn and coached at Auburn, Ole Miss and Arkansas.

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Rocker played defensive tackle at Auburn from 1986-88, before heading to the NFL with the Washington Redskins. He started his collegiate coaching career with West Alabama.

Rocker becomes the third different Georgia defensive hire. Jeremy Pruitt was hired as the new defensive coordinator, and Kevin Sherrer was brought in as a defensive assistant.

Rocker had a hand in developing Auburn’s Nick Fairley and Ole Miss’ Jeria Perry and Greg Hardy, and he’s a very strong hire for the Georgia Bulldogs.

There’s one more defensive assistant to be hired, who will also focus on special teams.

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  • Big time! All I ask is that he doesn’t overlook dirty play like he did with Fairley and this hire couldn’t be more perfect.

  • I always respected the Bulldog defense. Man they lay the wood and are nasty, but so undisciplined and selfish. Pruitt has to change that mindset to be successful. Georgia is the flagship of high profile recruits in the SEC, but they don’t play cohesive defense. Or at least I haven’t seen it so far. Kudos for Richt with his hires, this has the potential to be scary…SMH. Can’t wait to see y’all in Como, we’ll see if we can defend the Zou.

    • I agree 100%. The individual talents have pretty much reflected the arrogance of Grantham. I know alot of people were excited when he came in too, but he really had no signifigant accomplishments. As long as the secondary takes a huge step forward and the front seven doesnt take a step back, these guys have the potential to be good. Even if they were slightly above average last season, you could probably wipe 3 of those losses out (Vandy, Clemson, and Nebraska), and would have been a decent year. Mizzou beat UGA soundly, no excuses there, and Auburn obviously had God on their side. I like the budding rivalry between UGA and Muzzou. Great fans of two pretty good teams at times.

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