Georgia dismisses safety Tray Matthews

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Georgia

Georgia’s defensive secondary attrition continued Tuesday when the school announced that safety Tray Matthews had been dismissed.

“We are trying to make room for guys who want to do things right,” coach Mark Richt said in a statement.

The rising sophomore became UGA’s fourth defensive back to leave the program. Josh Harvey-Clemons was dismissed earlier this year, and Shaq Wiggins transferred to Louisville. Brendan Langley also moved to wide receiver.

Matthews posted 36 tackles with an interception and forced fumble last year, and he flashed tremendous upside. He was one of four players arrested earlier this year for “double-dipping” UGA-issued stipend checks.



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  • Well, at least Auburn doesn’t have to worry about recruiting a QB this this recruiting cycle…..

    • nah we are stacked at QB and every one of them better than Ole piss’s

      • Ole Piss….how very Mississippi Statish of you. I guess the ag schools have to band together in their cleverness. Nevertheless, I’ll take the bait. I’ll admit that from a talent standpoint, Nick Marshall has Bo Wallace beat hands down. However, when the dust settles at the end of the year, I think Bo Wallace will have had a better year. We shall see….

    • “Well, at least Auburn doesn’t have to worry about recruiting a QB this this recruiting cycle…..” HAHAHA

  • Louisville will have their best signing class in the history of their school. If he doesn’t go to Auburn? Mathews has been trouble from the start. Cut out all the cancers that have kept UGA out of the NCG.

  • Wouldn’t that be the best public relations for your institution. A kid gets charged with a felony, and immediately tweets that his new home will be your campus. Priceless! Auburn and Louisville you can be so proud of yourself today. If this is what you have to do to get to the top bowl games you took one step forward, two steps back. And the SEC needs to step in and make some rules about convicts moving from one institution to another.

  • Well just because he said AU would be his home doesn’t mean it will be. Perhaps Alabama will be his home they have just as many ‘thug’ football players as any team. Obviously Louisville will be his home because they accepted his teammate that was charged with the same crime. Auburn is going to do great things this season so I don’t think this thug will be a part of that. I also don’t think Malzahn would approve this….he is as upstanding a coach as Saban.

  • Auburn won’t take a kid who tips passes to other teams for game winning touchdowns. Also, this kid pretty voraciously degraded Auburn during his recruiting.

  • Just curious how many guys does UGA have left on scholarship? No way they are at limit. Hopefully front 7 are otherworldy to make up for the secondary this season.

  • Read up on Nick Marshall and Cam Newton.

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