Two Mizzou players arrested on marijuana charges, suspended


According to the Columbia Tribune, two Mizzou football players were arrested on marijuana charges, along with two basketball players.

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Defensive backs Aarion Penton and Shaun Rupert, along with basketball players Wes Clark and Shane Rector, were charged with suspicion of possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana Saturday night. Penton is a projected starter at corner, and Ruper is a reserve safety.

Columbia Tribune had the story.

Columbia Police officers pulled over a car driven by Rupert at 11:32 p.m. after seeing that the rear license plate was expired, Officer Latisha Stroer said. The traffic stop took place in the Commerce Bank parking lot at 501 E Broadway.

Officers detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle as they made contact with Rupert, Stroer said. They located a Swisher Sweet cigarillos package containing a substance that field-tested positive for marijuana.

Rupert, Penton, who was riding in the passenger seat, and Clark and Rector, who were riding in the back seat, were all arrested. Each was issued a summons and released.

Mizzou started spring practice last Tuesday, and Penton and Rupert have both been suspended, per athletic policy, pending internal review.

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  • I just want somebody else to write the St. Louis Post Dispatch (especially Dave Matter) and explain to them how often a St. Louis player comes to Missouri and thinks he is bigger than the State, the County, the City, the University, the Football Program, the Conference, and the NCAA, not to mention the fans that give up a lot of time to follow them. Free information for the pot-heads, pot doesn’t make you kool, it just makes your mind slower and dumber, and you can’t afford slower and dumber.

  • Alcohol makes you slower and dumber too…. but im sure youve never done that wolfman….

    • ?Someone is going to argue that alcohol doesn’t make you slower and dumber. Or somebody is going to argue that anybody doesn’t have to meet challenges? The bigger the opportunity the bigger the challenge, not just in college. Celebrate meeting it. When a college program has 100 young men to don’t meet it this many times, it’s too many times.

      • It is true . Alcohol though LEGAL, makes one incoherent in stages till they pass out or provoke a fight! Pot slows down reaction time and makes one non motivated. I’ve tried both but haven’t in years. But I’m sure these players will get a 1 game slap on the wrist!

        • Now is the time for Pinkel to have a team meeting and lay down some tougher rules. He booted a repeat offender last year. 100 young men can’t have 3 strikes or you wind up with a TCU drug culture. As a coach you have to be willing to say, I don’t care what your name is, the social culture within the team has become too accommodating, so now the coaching staff has to take a hard stand to lead the team where the juniors and seniors should have lead them. EVERY COACHING STAFF HAS TO DO THIS FROM TIME TO TIME, IN EVERY SPORT, AT EVERY COLLEGE. Then some years the upperclassmen men themselves will be tough enough and do a better job than the coaching staff ever could.

      • I wonder what college you graduated from that told you that “pot” makes slower and dumber. SMH. Y’all need to admit that the government ONLY caters to “conservatives” and liberal hot button issues FOR ONCE PLEASE!!! It REALLY is a shame that people won’t just admit that “marijuana” is ONLY legal because some “conservatives” and white supremacists saw fit to make it so. I mean, as you know already (hopefully anyway), alchohal is legal (again mind you) and so is “tobacco” AND THEY KILL MORE PEOPLE THAT ANY OTHER DRUGS EVER HAVE! Ok? ANYWAY I BET you don’t know how many times people have just said “yeah, I was smoking pot,” to get out of being caught doing other drugs. THERE ARE NOT STUDIES THAT PROVE THAT “POT” ACTUALLY AFFECTS USERS IN A NEGATIVE WAY! AND, IF THEY’RE OUT THERE THEN SHOW THEM TO ME!!! SMH. And about being “slower and dumber”, bro? Imma send you list smarter richer “pot heads”. Elitist swine. ANYWAY, my point is that if you abuse ANYTHING it will have a negative affect and that without unbiased info readily available that the public is only subject to whomever has control over whatever current monopoly, “Wolfman”.

        • Frank, I have two advanced degrees. You have over-looked a lot of negative data about all the chemicals in pot. Now i want to commend you on recognizing that abuse of all kinds hurts people.

  • I’m starting to think I might need to smoke weed again. I mean, I never did it regularly because it wasn’t that great of a feeling, but it must be PHENOMENAL now. Seems kids can’t resist it these days.

    • Dawg, I know you are saying this with a smile on your face, so I hope you will accept this friendly addition; Once we draw the line with bad company and start living for actions that make us better and therefore even happier, it’s a big change in the lives of college men and just as satisfying a personal growth commitment any day in ones life. I think the legalization of pot in some states causes a two stage thought process. 1. It must not be that unsafe or it wouldn’t be legal somewhere. 2. JUST AS YOU WROTE DAWG, you tried it and since you had a great life anyway, you didn’t need the drug or that kind of complany. No, I don’t think the drugs are better. You’ve just always been a better man.

      • Well, I appreciate it, Wolfman. Got a little deep there.

        • One night I walked into the field house, some of my student athletes were sitting on the bleachers. There was a strange face sitting with them. It was a Saturday and we were in the play offs so we had finished our work early and had the whole day off. Later on I asked another team member, “Who was that sitting with our team”, ans. “Coach, that was Nick”. Nick was a drug head that reformed during high school. Fell off the wagon so bad that his face was so swollen, I couldn’t recognize it. Life gets deep sometimes. Addictions of all kinds are a constant threat to a lot of people

  • I am not a fan of alcohol or pot because the outcome of people overusing either of the two(usually the case) is not positive. For the record, I am a conservative and most conservatives aren’t huge fans of smoking weed. In terms of these young athletes, in order to be productive on the field, it is better for them if they don’t smoke it. Falling prey to a substance of any kind when you are a talented athlete is such a waste. Usually people like this are repeat offenders, and obviously, they love smoking more than they love the team and competing. If I were the coach, I would make them choose.

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