Urban Meyer: It’s good the SEC lost the BCS Championship, has no beef with Lane Kiffin


Remember when Lane Kiffin, as Tennessee’s then head coach, called out Urban Meyer and Florida and accused them of cheating? Meyer hasn’t forgotten, I’m sure, but he has no beef with Lane Kiffin.

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The AJC asked Meyer what he thought of Alabama hiring Lane Kiffin as its next offensive coordinator, and he cleared the air and said he had no beef with Kiffin.

“I think it’s great. I have a lot of respect for Coach Saban. There has been a lot of publicity about Lane Kiffin and I having issues. There’s none. We’ve talked many times since. He’s obviously a good football coach, and I wish him well. I think it was a great hire for Alabama.”

Meyer was also asked about Florida State ending the SEC’s Championship run, the one he helped start in 2006 that continued through the 2012 season. Meyer said it’s good for college football to have parity.

“I think it’s big. I think it’s a great story about FSU winning it. But at the end of the day, we’re so busy, we’re just worried about Ohio State. I think college football needs some parity around the conferences. The SEC has been kind of dominant, and we were a big part of that (when I was at Florida). But in college football, it’s good to have some parity.”

It’s good for Ohio State that the SEC’s reign of terror ended, because Ohio State can dip down into the southeast and recruit better. I wonder how upset Meyer was that he wasn’t the coach to break the SEC’s record?

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  • Meyer left when he knew the cupboard was bare at Florida. No Harvin, No Tebow etc. He is just a big fish in a much smaller pond now. Why would someone stay and have to beat USCe, UGA, UT and LSU every year when your toughest game in the Big Ten is Northwestern? He made a good decision (twice) to move onto his dream job.

    • I’ll excuse the Northwestern comment because you obviously don’t watch the conference play. NW went 1-7 in the Big Ten, but they did beat two SEC teams (Vandy & Miss State) in 2012

      • I think you’re missing the point of Chris’ comment. I saw somewhere awhile back that Ohio State played something like three teams that were even ranked in the top 25 during the past two years. And I believe Northwestern was one of them. We can put examples all around about teams playing well and beating schools from another conference, but clearly there is a gap between the SEC and Big 10, and it is not even close. Try to justify the Big 10 all you want, but Chris was making the point there is a huge difference between a schedule that consists of Iowa, Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State each year, as opposed to the schedule Florida plays which includes South Carolina, Georgia, LSU, Florida State, and Miami.

      • Vanderbilt and Mississippi State? Lmfao wow

  • Ohio State has a recruiting machine without Meyer, and nationwide already. It’s not clear whether Meyer is helping Ohio State or hurting them. One legit question, Lane Kiffin might have had what some people consider a little warm streak going somewhere, sometime in the past, but was his attack so good in his last job that he should run the best recruiting program in the nation? What these two guys say about each other might not be good judgement either way. I do agree that college football needs many strong programs in many conferences, but even though the SEC has dominated the NCG, smart football fans recognize the quality in many other non-SEC programs even if they are not in the top 10 ranked. Fans that don’t see the entertaining football being played outside a few top teams are missing a lot of great execution. I really like several teams in the Big 12, the Pac 12, the ACC, the Big 10, and more. Still I admire most the SEC East and West for having so many great programs at the same time. Missouri’s rise to the top with SEC recruits but largely on the will power of former Big 12 Juniors and Seniors says a lot about young men simply deciding to play at a higher level. Isn’t football great? Thanks to all those young men in every conference that give so much to college football and to the American experience.

  • But who was the best team they played prior to Mich St? answer: NorthWestern

  • @ Wes10Jones – Exactly…..Look at Tenn, They get Bama from the SEC West every year. So they have to beat Florida, Georgia, USCe and Bama just to get out of their DIVISION. tOSU might play Mich St or Wisconsin once or twice every few years and they win the Big Ten and the automatic Rose Bowl. Why wouldn’t Meyer want those odds?

    • Exactly. I’ve been saying that ever since he went to OSU. Everyone knows his formula to success had a large part to do with Harvin, Tebow, Hernandez, Spikes, etc… which in his defense he did recruit all of those. But he couldn’t recruit classes like that every single season. And once Tebow left, the glory days were gone. I think everyone knows that. As to where at OSU, he doesn’t need a team full of Tebows and Harvins to be successful. He needs a decent mobile qb and he’ll be fine. Pressure is way lower on him at OSU and the wins come a lot easier. I’ll be interested to see though how OSU responds if Mich St becomes the big dog the next few years in the B1G.

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