A statistical comparison of Vanderbilt vs. Houston


SDS will break down all 10 SEC bowl games from a numbers perspective, and here is a look at this year’s Compass Bowl between Vanderbilt and Houston.

Vanderbilt and Houston looks like a very even matchup. Houston statistically has a better offense, while Vanderbilt has the better numbers on defense. However, Houston’s +25 in turnover margin leads the country…by +8. That’s impressive, and it’s the highest of any FBS team in the last six years.

Houston has the much better red zone defense, but Vanderbilt is second in the SEC in red zone offense. That will be an interesting matchup when the Commodores are in the money zone.

Vanderbilt Houston
Scoring Offense 29.2 PPG 33.9 PPG
Rushing Offense 133 YPG 138.42 YPG
Passing Offense 233.7 YPG 284.1 YPG
Total Offense 366.7 YPG 422.5 YPG
Scoring Defense 24.7 PPG 20.2 PPG
Rushing Defense 148 YPG 143.83 YPG
Passing Defense 204.3 YPG 276.2 YPG
Total Defense 352.3 YPG 420 YPG
TO Margin +7 +25
3rd Down Offense 58/165 (35.15%) 67/174 (38.51%)
3rd Down Defense 67/168 (39.88%) 72/196 (36.73%)
Sacks 24 30
Red Zone Offense 88.46% (35 TDs, 11 FGs) 83.64% (32 TDs, 14 FGs)
Red Zone Defense 88.10% (27 TDs, 10 FGs) 73.33% (23 TDs, 10 FGs)

Photo Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports



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