Derek Mason says Vanderbilt is working to schedule Stanford


You knew it was coming, because it made too much sense.

Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason said the Commodores and Stanford could hook up in the near future.

“We’re in the process right now of scheduling that game,” Mason said on WJOX radio. “We understand that the two schools have similar brands, but you know what? They don’t fear anybody and we don’t either. We’ll get a chance to get after Stanford and they’ll get a chance to get after us at some point in time, hopefully in the near future. We are still the best conference in the whole United States. If they want to come and get us, come and get us.”

Mason’s former boss, Stanford head coach David Shaw, has had a few choice words for the SEC’s scheduling this offseason. Pac-12 coaches and their athletic director think their conference has a tougher strength of schedule, and Mason – oddly enough – echoed their sentiments earlier this offseason.

“So as I compare the Pac-12 to the SEC, I think the SEC is better in the upper half, but I think the Pac-12 is better from top to bottom. But I would still give the edge to the SEC in terms of what it looks like and how the game is played.”

However, Mason said on WJOX the SEC is ‘still the best conference in the whole United States’. Confusing, I’ll say.

Nonetheless, a matchup between Vanderbilt and Stanford needs to happen, much like Alabama-USC.

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  • I would thoroughly enjoy this match-up seeing as how Vanderbilt is working to become a competitive athletic program that still requires its student-athletes to succeed academically at an elite institution (as Stanford and Duke have already proven it can be achieved).

    However, I still don’t understand why everyone keeps saying that Mason’s comments are confusing or conflicting. They’re very simple to understand. He agrees, like the rest of us, that the SEC is the better conference overall, only that its top half is more dominant than its bottom half. The Pac-12 is more evenly competitive, top-to-bottom. Just because the competition is more evenly distributed amongst the conference does not mean that the competition overall is better than what you see in the top half of the SEC.

  • Good idea for a schedule. About 2016. The top of the Pac 10 cannot beat the middle of the SEC.

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