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Hey Freeze, we all know you're a very religious man. Sh*t in one hand, pray in the other. See which one fills up first.
Personally, I would chuck deuces. With the school year already started, this kid could be walking to class one day and get a phone call "Hey, uh, yeah, so.... you know that scholarship we told you about? Well, we're sorry to tell you but it's no longer on the table. You're going to have to settle your bursar account on your own."
I'm reading that the NCAA investigation has concluded but there are 8 new violations... This tells me that the investigation has not concluded but has essentially put it into a higher gear.
Why is he trying so hard to look like his brother? The hair, the bandana, the jubilee of earrings... He almost had me fooled. Weird
You're right. But the more people appreciate something, the more trolls are going to want to crash it.
Dude is an idiot if he thinks he can stop Alabama recruiters from coming through the door if they want to. It's not just a free scholarship knocking at the door. It's not just a Power 5 program knocking at the door. It's not just a program in the SEC knocking at the door. It's not just a program in the SEC West knocking at the door. It's f*ckin' Alabama. Sorry, Coach, but your employers will gladly answer that knock.
Dan is a dinosaur. He's had plenty of time to prove himself and he never has. From the bottom of our hearts, y'all can have him.
That's a bold statement considering you don't know what the sanctions will be.
Obviously the coach doesn't know the most important part of college football recruiting: this is business. Emotions don't carry weight in this league. Alabama has a job and that job is not only be elite but stay elite. I would imagine that Saban looks at recruits based on their exhibition of building-potential. Maybe Saban & Co. saw that B. Harris was going to be a flop. Guess what Harris ended up being! Trust me, Saban & Co. can see who has it and who doesn't long before anybody else. They know what they're looking for and if they pull a scholarship then it's simply because another player fit the shoe better. It's business. They don't care about player's feelings or being courteous and I don't blame them. That's not what this business is about. It's about winning.
I know I'm a dirtbag, so pointing that out wont' really matter. But you, you shouldn't get into the mix with these idiots in the comments sections. Unless you want to remain a journalist for SDS your entire career, you ought to keep it professional and not tarnish your name and reputation by getting into pissing matches with these idiots. Be better than this. But that's none of my business.
You seem to understand that GA would have a hard time beating Alabama at the SEC Championship game in 2017. But that 2018 is going to be their year? With all the stars Alabama recruited in 2016 being experienced studs in 2018 combined with the Hitachi EH5000 full of studs they picked up this year, Alabama is becoming too powerful. I'm not saying you're wrong about GA being better in 2018. I'm saying you may be underestimating Alabama in 2018. By that time, Najee Harris will Hulk. Smash.
You're trying a little too hard to discredit the kid. Be honest. Yes, he did get into a squabble in Buffalo, NY (not Clemson) and the picture of him sitting at a table rolling blunts is the totality of it. To be involved in a brawl one would need to either be the victim or aggressor, he was neither because he never threw any punches. And the porn star thing....Jesus, give it a break. That means nothing. From the sound of your post, I'm willing to bet you've been involved in some stupid sh*t too.
They'll be ready to suit up come football season.
Into the pit with the blood thirsty sons of 'ores! -Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness
This is funny. When your "55 to what" comment backfired, suddenly the only thing that counts in sports is "what have you done for me lately".
Of course the NCAA is going to hold him responsible. They're going to operate as if he should have known what each player is doing at all times. So do you personally believe it's Freeze's fault for not knowing? He can't know everything! He COULD administer drug tests if he really wanted to be a prick about it, but let's be realistic, what coach wants to bust his own players and subject them to punishment thus having them miss games? And then look bad with the kid because he's the coach? Personally, if I were coach, I would leave it up to the players to not get arrested for smoking bud. If they got caught on their own, boom, punish them. But I wouldn't go hunting people down for said reasons. I would most definitely not turn the other cheek to other type of misdemeanor-type behavior. Basically, as long as the players are showing up for practice, improving in their respective positions, and keeping their grades up, I'm okay with whatever partying they want to do. Just don't expect me to know where my players are at all times and know what each one is up to 24/7. Coaches are people like you and I. It's illegitimate to expect someone to know exactly what 100 college kids are doing at all times. It's ridiculous that coaches are expected to know.
Hogs are some of the worst nuisances an area can have. And comparing rhinos to hogs is nonsense. They can't be compared in any way shape or form. You're going to need to do a little more homework on the nuisance of hogs before you lock arms with a bunch of retards to stop traffic on the highway on defense of All Hogs Lives Matter.