Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.

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I get that he was stuck in a bad system with mediocre QB play.... but he also dropped a couple of balls.... I never thought he had the most reliable hands even when we DID get it to him. Obviously, sky is the limit, but show me something first. great game vs Louisville. But it was Louisville.
what happened to the story about his kid and babymomma? I heard some rumors that he was back in Atlanta, trying to work out a situation where they could move to Baton Rouge and live with him in an off-campus apartment? If so, it would be a reasonable way for Ed to behave. Family first... football later. Better to deal with it now and miss a few sessions in spring than have it worrying him during the season.
Agree with the sentiments expressed here in the comments. This kind of worries me. Even if Harris, Furgeson, DOdd, etc weren't expected to win the jobs, why would tell them that as a coach? There is a difference between being a "straight shooter" and telling a kid he has no shot, even with hard work. I don't know if that is what was said.... but with some of those guys the timing was strange, and there didn't seem to be any reason they couldn't compete for a starting spot. Maybe he's making room for younger guys to get 2nd team reps? especially with Harris, you probably don't want someone you figure to be that backup to take 2nd team reps all year and then graduate, leaving the younger QB's without any meaningful team reps? Are we just really confident in Cushenberry and the young OL we brought in? Anyone have any info or takes on this?
where does this OM attitude come from? you ARE the "dredges" of the SEC. I don't usually like to crap on a team that's already down on their luck.... but the vitriol and arrogance of some of you guys on this site are unbelievable. Who told you that OM was a contender and MS State wasn't? I seem to remember a relatively even share of close games/wins/losses over the past half decade between the two teams and their common opponents. Seems like for every year Ole Miss has beaten us or given us a scare, so has Ms St.
lmao at the notion that Ole Miss is somehow less racist than the rest of the evil SEC. How are you gonna tell people to get off of their high horse while you stick your nose in the air about Ole Miss being an institution of a higher character than everyone else.... look, half of the people on the website probably didn't graduate from the institution whose team they support. Arguing about academic standards or broad cultural attributes of universities gets us nowhere and has little to do with football. Most public universities are a joke anymore anyways. Lets stick to football. Wish OM the best, this is bad for the SEC. Hope they get it together.
I'd take SDS comments with a grain of salt, but I am somewhat familiar with the situation. Plain and simple, Feaster and many coaches around the country have a right to determine who comes into their fieldhouse and is around their players while on campus. Not every coach, but many do. The ban is not a new thing. Remember, Harris will be in his 4th year of college ball, so this has been in place since around 2014. No one cared or said a word about it before then. The NOLA coaches considered "banning" LSU, there was a story about a Miami area highschool "banning" Florida. It isn't a unique situation. Feaster wasn't fired merely because of the "bad publicity". He has had his school in trouble a couple of times for various violations, most notably, for playing the aforementioned Justin Rodgers as a freshman illegally (moved into the district, failed to prove residency, played him in 5 games during mop up time, had to forfeit those games). He had some controversy over leaving the band on the field too long which led to the opposing coach being arrested (not really his fault), and has been accused of some "recruiting". Whether every bit of that is true is debatable, but some of it has been proven, and the point is he was a very controversial (and successful) figure. The principle was ok with the controversy so long as Parkway was winning, and they were. This year, Parkway hired a new principle. The new boss used the first excuse available to fire him for things that have happened in the past, and certainly were fire-able offenses. Say what you want about the guy, but he's a good football coach and he cares about his players. Boisterous? yea. Questionable behavior? yea. But the whole Saban thing is blown way out of proportion and it isn't really why he has been fired.
meh, this is a hard unit to rank. All depends on your system and how good your qb is. Not lobbying for LSU to be higher or anything, just saying for most of these guys, we really have no idea. It would be easier to rate the top receiver, but as a group? Probably aren't even sure who the real 2 will be for most teams, much less the 3. I'm optimistic based on physical talent for our team, but we obviously have no idea what new OC will think about various guys. Based on what I've seen (which isn't every SEC game), it makes sense that Florida, Bama, and Ole Miss are pretty high.... although getting them the ball is another story lol
I'd take him in the 6th or 7th, character issues be damned. Worth a shot.
no no, Sark was the drunk who got the keys to the Ferrari.... different Alabama coordinator.
It's a bummer. I've always defended Harris against angry fans, and as some of you may have noticed, have argued that he had a great shot to regain the job under a new coordinator. i still believe he had the highest ceiling, but rub it in lol. But thanks for pointing out how well he handled this. Very little complaining, constantly smiling on the sideline and supporting Danny Etling. My assumption is that Ed O told him something along the lines of "etling will start the spring as the no. 1, and you'll have to prove with limited reps you can do better"... else why would he have stuck around so long? Either way, props to him, wish him the best, and wouldn't be surprised to see him have a pretty good campaign somewhere else with a fresh start and a new system. All on you now Danny Boy
what is this weird Auburn Pettway thing? I read some very similar stuff from an Auburn fan just a few days ago.... asserting that Pettway led the SEC in ypc and stuff. That he was better than Chubb, Michel, Guice, etc... Don't get me wrong, I think anyone would be lucky to have him. It's weird. He was telling everyone to "go look at the stats". So I did. Pettway is in an appropriate spot.
What stellar defense did Pettway do well against? Alabama: 12 carries for 17 yards. LSU: 17 for 61 (offense failed to score a TD). Those are the only two games this season I would call vs a "stellar defense".... Oklahoma: 24 for 101. not bad.... if you consider Oklahoma a stellar defense... but every other big game came against someone Guice also ran all over.
Both are great backs. The point of PFF's ranking is to determine who will one day be a better pro. In the SEC, a power back like Pettway is terrific. But they (a professional scouting service) believe Guice is a better all-around back. ---- In terms of our amateur analysis, you're comments about injury and facing decent opponents makes no sense, respectfully. Both backs didn't see the field in some games, whether it was due to injury or simply the depth chart. But we can look at common opponents in which both players were the key backs. aTm: Pettway had 20 car for 123, avging 6.2 -- Guice had 37 car for 285, avging 7.7 Arkansas: Pettway had 27 car for 192, avging 7.1 -- Guice had had 21 car for 252 yds, avging 12. Those were the only two games against common opponents when the backs were starters. Obviously, Guice didn't do much against Bama or Wisconsin. He was sitting behind Fournette. Neither Guice nor Pettway did anything when playing head to head. If Guice is punished for playing behind LF7 and gaining big yards against JxSt, USM, Arky, aTm, and Louisville, why does Pettway get credit for having big yards against Ark St, aTm, Miss St, Arky, Ole Miss, and Vandy? lol aTm and arkansas were the only decent teams, and Guice had more production against both. Your argument is incredibly biased in that it discounts every Guice achievement as the fault of the defense, ignoring that Pettway's numbers come from similar situations, and often against the EXACT SAME OPPONENT. You're simply wrong that Pettway led the SEC in average ypc. Pettway averaged 5.9 for 2016 and Guice averaged 7.6--- Guice had more yards, less touches, double the TD's, and outpaced Pettway against almost every common opponent. I respect Pettway, but Guice had a better year and is accurately diagnosed as a more dynamic player.
yea... gotta say, keeping your picks and taking Barnett (if he's miraculously still there) at 28 sounds better for the cowboys. Would be fine with the saints drafting Barnett.
the paragraph about players with ties to the city seemingly cutting ties with lsu is not only redundant, but asinine. Terrace Marshall and Justin Rodgers are 5 hours away from new orleans. They have no ties to the city. They're from Shreveport/Bossier. and one position coach declining an offer? meh. Joseph seems like a good fit to me, having as many connections to Nola as Johnson but more XP in North Louisiana, not to mention being recruited by Pete Jenkins back in the day. The boycott talk definitely wasn't conjured up out of thin air, but all that matters is that its fixed. Shame that HS coaches would limit the options of the kids they supposedly care about by taking them hostage when their buddy gets reassigned.
no way this holds. With a new coach and staff changes, I can see how we aren't the most popular at this very second. But these kids will be told by every SEC school that recruits them this is a bad idea. Want to go pro? Want to win games? Want to be on TV? Don't go to Kansas. Not even saying LSU gets them. Just that Kansas won't. Heck of a job by that coach to even get them to the camp in Lawrence though. Those guys were probably their top targets and maybe when you're 17, constant communication and attention seems nice.
Can't figure out the Florida ranking. The defense has kept McElwain alive there, and they're leaving. They were Muschamps to begin with. They probably have a better shot to win their division than LSU or Auburn, but for the Georgia/Tennessee/Alabama fans out there.... who would you rather play next season? Florida, LSU, Auburn, or Georgia? Florida is first on that list for me.
Hope the saints take Tre White before Wilson. Wouldn't be mad if we drafted Adams or Barnett either. Not downing Quincy Wilson. Just saying.
both of you stop! haha if I have to watch one more LSU player go to the NFC south to best my saints every year, I'm going to die. Jets at least have plenty of offensive weapons and a shot to contend. Jags are going to get better eventually.... but tbh have too many problems to fix before running back. Doesn't do much good without an offensive line. Yeldon and Ivory are ok, and running backs are cheap. Still better than watching him put on a Panthers jersey