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So am I still supposed to call him Kenny Trill or not??
I agree. If you think back to last year, Auburn looked horrible in their first big road test (LSU). But things took quite the turn after that....
I agree with AUforLife. You, sir, are an absolute idiot
A Georgia fan wanting To talk about players accepting money? HA!
*yawn. This isn't news. It's common everywhere. Auburn may not have bought or pay for Gus' house up to this point, but I won't be surprised when/if they do. I don't see a problem with it
There was a receiver running the route that freeze is talking about. Every receiver runs a route during a play. So no, that receiver wasn't running the route on accident. But that's not where Bo was supposed to go with the ball
Guess they're getting to experience how y'all have felt your whole life, huh?
Please hurry and get better Carl Lawson
I think everyone is overreacting after one loss. The play calling wasn't the problem. It doesn't matter what plays a coach calls if his team can't execute them. The fumbles and interceptions weren't from play calling. It was from poor execution.
Nick Marshall is the best RB on the roster? Do you even watch the games? CAP has better numbers than Tre Mason did up to this point. And aside from that, there are at least two running backs that are more explosive than CAP is
Regardless, the qb situation isn't the problem. Florida may want to look into finding some receivers that can catch. Otherwise, it won't matter who is playing under center
geez the thing keeps freezing up. I don't understand why florida fans want treon to play so bad. If they want muschamp gone, they had better keep driskel at qb. If treon plays and florida is winning, muschamp isn't going anywhere
I was at this game and was very impressed with how classy lsu was. Not that I thought they were horrible people, you just don't usually see the opposing team showing more respect for a fallen player than the team that the fallen player belongs to. It was very obvious to everyone in the stadium what was going on. Everyone sitting around me kept asking why only a few of floridas players were on their knees.
Or it could be the text messages that showed she was the aggressor. Or it could be the other two guys that stepped forward and said they had sexual contact with her an hour before her and treon met up.
There's job security at Tennessee because they're cool with subpar seasons
Is it really considered taking a jab if it's the truth?
Saw it live in the stadium and I didn't think it was targeting, but it was hard to be 100% sure. Then they showed a reply on the big screen and I was confident the hit would be overturned. And now seeing it in slow motion it's even more clear that it was a clean hit. Good news is that it happened right before halftime, so he won't miss any playing time this week against State