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I thought these were gonna be funny.... This was just dumb
I don't really think it matters how many game plans bielema has
Yes. For a lot in the south, you are born, baptized, and then taught all about your school's tradition. It's one of the first things you're taught. Whether it be war eagle, roll tide, hotly toddy, gator bait, gig em, etc… those are usually some of the first words a child in the south says
Even though I can't say I like bielema, I can't say I really disagree with his rank. He was a contender for the B1G every year he was there and he inherited a train wreck at Arkansas. I'm not saying it'll all work out for him there, but he hasn't had enough time to prove anything yet
I'll agree with you on the Richt deal. He's got way more years and has been consistent. And I don't see malzahn falling off, but he still has to continue to prove himself. However, I wouldn't call it laughable that Butch Jones is ahead of Muschamp. Muschamp had a great 2012 year. But he still hasn't proved himself. And although Butch hasn't been in the SEC long, he was pretty great at cinch. And looks to have UT on the rise. So far, I'd say Muschamp is a better coordinator than he is a head coach
Any reason they weren't taking jabs at the conference's bowl wins and national title run? If this is all they have to take shots at, then I'd say the conference is doing pretty well
Jon, I don't know what year he is or anything. Will he have to sit out a year?
Sounds like he has a tough decision on his hands. I could be wrong, but I think most people are expecting a little less from Vandy this year just because of the way everything happened. That being said, I think I would take my chances with Johnny. After all, the last team that had a starter named Johnny didn't turn out half bad
Not okay to scuffle with a cop? But cops surround the field after every game. So the chances of 80,000+ people running past them without hitting them is not very likely. Can't arrest one and not all the others
Sounds like the cops in College Station like to poke their chest out further than Johnny Football's ego
I wish we could see Tennessee play WVU this year rather than Bama playing them this year. I think it'd be a whole lot more competitive
Give it some time and they'll come out and announce that he wasn't on the team anymore when it happened
Hopefully these will still be attractive games when the time comes. West Virginia was also a pretty attractive game when Bama originally scheduled them
I expect Thompson to have a big year. He's been pretty impressive the times I've seen him play
This is the reason he won the starting qb job. I believe it's a requirement there
This is a disaster waiting to happen if it actually becomes legit after the appeal. I don't see how you can regulate it. If you're going to do it for athletes on scholarship, you have to do it for everyone on scholarship. It's only fair. But if this does become legit, things will get ugly. You'll have every athlete getting full scholarships, for all sports. Many sports don't offer full rides. They just give partial scholarships. If it becomes law for all sports to offer full rides, that is going to take away scholarships for regular students that are attending school with the sole purpose of getting an education. Which at the end of the day is the most important thing. I love college sports and I definitely love my football, but at the end of the day, it isn't more important than education.
I know this one really aggravates the OBC. Taking away from his jokes towards UGA
It's not often an Auburn fan likes something Saban has said, but I do agree with him here. It is becoming a huge problem in college football all around. Not just at Alabama or in the SEC. Lots of players that aren't near ready go ahead and declare. And as Dawg780 said, most of these end up getting the league minimum, buying a nice fancy car, and having a few bucks left for dinner at the Waffle House. Another solution I believe would be something worth looking into would be the NFL teams paying back the colleges for those athlete's last year of schooling that they passed up on. When kids are made offers, they are given a 4 year scholarship. And by leaving in three years, that is cheating the Univeristy. I understand in some cases it is a smart decision for some. No doubt about it Julio Jones should have left early. But most cases aren't that way.
Exactly. I've been saying that ever since he went to OSU. Everyone knows his formula to success had a large part to do with Harvin, Tebow, Hernandez, Spikes, etc... which in his defense he did recruit all of those. But he couldn't recruit classes like that every single season. And once Tebow left, the glory days were gone. I think everyone knows that. As to where at OSU, he doesn't need a team full of Tebows and Harvins to be successful. He needs a decent mobile qb and he'll be fine. Pressure is way lower on him at OSU and the wins come a lot easier. I'll be interested to see though how OSU responds if Mich St becomes the big dog the next few years in the B1G.
Agreed. And teams don't usually go all out 100% anyway. I would say a whole spring game is played at maybe 75%. They aren't out there absolutely trying to kill each other. But it still gets competitive.