SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

Five-star LB McMillan chooses today at 12:30 p.m.

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By the end of lunch today, fans from Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State fans will know if they landed the nation’s top inside linebacker.

Raekwon McMillan, a Georgia product who is hardly a lock to play in Athens for the Bulldogs, will announce his school choice today at 12:30 p.m. EST. The announcement will come on NBC Sports Network and can also be seen on

McMillan is 6-foot-3, 235 pounds and plays for Liberty County H.S. in Georgia. He will have five hats in front of him–Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia and Ohio State. Alabama and Ohio State are considered the top options, but he hasn’t revealed much, bragging on all of his school options.
“My mom and my dad, they’re OK with (leaving the southeast),” McMillan told “But I have two little brothers at home, and I’d love to see their smiling faces.”

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  1. dawgs
    Commented : 4 months ago

    We can dream fellow UGA fans but know that we will never get this kind of 5*. Why because they want to play for a program that can play in and win the BCS. That is not UGA and never will be with CMR at the head of the program. So just be happy with our 8-10 wins every year and a bowl game that means nothing.

    • You may be right regarding the big picture, but this kid was never legitimately interested in UGA for some reason. In other words, I think we would need to be playing for the national championship right now to stand a chance with him. I think he picks Bama because it’s closer to home than OSU, but he will still play for championships. Kind of splitting the baby, in other words.

  2. @ Dawgs – And just who would you replace Richt with? He runs a clean program, wins 9-10+ game a season and has brought UGA football back to an elite program. Natl Championships take some luck to win. Perfect example is Auburn this year.

  3. Brian, Do you think it’s interesting that 2013 class Ezekiel Elliott left St. Louis Missouri and blamed the Columbia,Missouri media for not making a big enough hoot about him,… then went to Ohio State,… then the Tigers and Buckeyes both played for their conference championship. Add that Missouri had 3 running backs in the top 16 in the SEC this year anyway. Then the other running back from St. Louis had to settle for Iowa because Missouri didn’t want to wait for his commitment. I think it’s interesting because the Columbia and St. Louis news media have been a factor in this.
    This has nothing to do with McMillan, except Andrew Wilson is graduating at Mizzou, and who will replace him, Can Biesel (also from St. Louis) fill his shoes or is somebody more like McMillan needed in Pinkel’s scheme?