Number of commits parting ways with SEC schools passes 80


4 P.M. UPDATE: Since Tuesday morning, Alabama commit Chris Williams switched to UCF, Texas A&M commit Varshaun Nixon switched to TCU, Georgia commit Kendall Gant switched to Marshall and former Vanderbilt commit Lloyd Tubman dropped Penn State and is now seriously considering picking Kentucky Wednesday morning.

Call it whatever you want … decommitment, being “dumped” by the school for one reason or another, academic issues … whatever.

It is still startling that the 2014 SEC signing class (yes, just the SEC) has had 80 prospects who have been committed at one time who had a change of heart. Yep, 80 … enough to fill three to four teams’ signing classes alone. Even more amazing? Since New Year’s Day, 32 of them have happened … the latest being Charles Standberry’s switch from Ole Miss to Louisville just this weekend. The biggest reason for the huge January number was Vanderbilt’s coaching change, where 14 players decommitted after James Franklin left, with only one coming back to the Commodores (Bailey Granier).

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Yes, sometimes the school separates itself from a player. Sometimes academics are the issue. Sometimes another school comes along with a better situation. Whatever it is though, 80 is a ton of switching around. A couple have eventually come back to the school, but most haven’t.

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Here’s a SEC school by school look at those “separations”. And no school gets the last laugh … all 14 are on the list.

Kalvaraz Bessent DB Alabama Dec-13 Auburn
Laurence ‘Hootie’ Jones DB Alabama Dec-13 Back with Alabama
Stephen Roberts DB Alabama Nov-13 Auburn
Viane Talamaivao OL Alabama Nov-13 NON-SEC: Southern Cal
Zach Whitley LB Alabama Jan-14 NON-SEC: UCLA
Kweishi Brown (JUCO) DB Arkansas Nov-13 UNCOMMITTED
Jared Cornelius WR Arkansas Dec-13 TCU then back to Arkansas
Jermaine Eluemunor (JUCO) OL Arkansas Oct-13 Texas A&M
Corey McBride WR Arkansas Jan-14 NON-SEC: TCU
Torrance Mosley ATH Arkansas Jan-14 NON-SEC: TCU
Ravian Pierce TE Arkansas Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Josh Casher OL Auburn Jul-13 Alabama
Dalvon Stuckey (JUCO) DT Auburn Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Dontae Angus OL Florida Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Ryeshene Bronson WR Florida May-13 NON-SEC: South Florida
Dalvin Cook RB Florida Dec-13 NON-SEC: Florida State
Benjamin Knox OL Florida Sep-13 NON-SEC: South Florida
Chris Lammons DB Florida Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Ermon Lane WR Florida Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Christian Miller LB Florida May-13 Alabama
Anthony Moten DL Florida Jul-13 NON-SEC: Miami
Joseph Paul OL Florida Jul-13 NON-SEC: Oklahoma
Travonte Valentine DT Florida Feb-13 UNCOMMITTED
Nick Glass DB Georgia Aug-13 UNCOMMITTED
Demarre Kitt WR Georgia Oct-12 NON-SEC: Clemson
Dontavius Russell DL Georgia Dec-13 Auburn
Krenwick Sanders WR Georgia Jul-13 NON-SEC: Wisconsin
Stanley Williams RB Georgia Apr-13 Kentucky
Derrick Kelly OL Kentucky Dec-13 UNCOMMITTED
Shyquawn Pullium (JUCO) DB Kentucky Dec-13 UNCOMMITTED
Denzel Ware DE Kentucky Apr-13 Back at Kentucky
Kain Daub LB LSU Nov-12 NON-SEC: Florida State
Chris Hardeman DB LSU Aug-13 NON-SEC: Oklahoma State
Sione Palelei RB LSU Dec-13 NON-SEC: Oklahoma State
Sharieff Rhaheed LB LSU Jul-13 UNCOMMITTED
D’haquille Williams (JUCO) WR LSU May-13 Auburn
Keith Holcombe LB Mississippi St. Jul-13 Alabama
Tyler Jones OL Mississippi St. Oct-13 NON-SEC: N.C. State
Darius Liggins DE Mississippi St. Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Norman Price (JUCO) OL Mississippi St. Dec-13 NON-SEC: Southern Miss
Sean Rawlings OL Mississippi St. Jan-14 Ole Miss
Zach Hudson OL Mizzou Jan-14 NON-SEC: South Florida
Dimarya Mixon DL Mizzou Feb-13 Tennessee
Markel Smith RB Mizzou Mar-13 NON-SEC: Iowa
Jhonny Williams LB Mizzou Nov-13 NON-SEC: Notre Dame
Andy Bauer OL Ole Miss Nov-13 Mizzou
Alfred Dickens LB Ole Miss Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Sammie Epps TE Ole Miss Dec-13 Back with Ole Miss
C.J. Hampton DB Ole Miss Dec-13 Back with Ole Miss
Quintavious Knight (JUCO) DB Ole Miss Oct-13 NON-SEC: Marshall
Jamiyus Pittman DT Ole Miss Jan-14 NON-SEC: UCF
Charles Standberry TE Ole Miss Feb-14 NON-SEC: Louisville
Ronald Walker DB Ole Miss Dec-13 NON-SEC: Junior college
Darrius Caldwell (JUCO) DE South Carolina Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Wesley Green DB South Carolina Sep-13 UNCOMMITTED
Dominique Booth WR Tennessee Dec-13 NON-SEC: Indiana
Kameel Jackson (JUCO) WR Tennessee Nov-13 UNCOMMITTED
DaVonte Lambert (JUCO) DE Tennessee Dec-13 Auburn
Eric Lauderdale (JUCO) WR Tennessee Oct-13 NON-SEC: Arizona State
Lawrence Lee WR Tennessee Jun-13 Mizzou
Kevin Mouhon LB Tennessee Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Brandon Powell ATH Tennessee Aug-13 Miami then Florida
Hoza Scott LB Texas A&M Jan-14 NON-SEC: Junior college
Dylan Sumner-Gardner DB Texas A&M Jan-14 NON-SEC: Boise State
Brendan Brosnan OL Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Penn State
Jesse Burkett OL Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Stanford
K.J. Carta-Samuels QB Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Washington
Kyle Gibson DB Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: UCF
Bailey Granier OL Vanderbilt Jan-14 Back with Vandy
Grant Haley DB Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Penn State
Trace McSorley QB Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Penn State
Amani Oruwariye DB Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Penn State
Jashon Robertson OL Vanderbilt Jan-14 Tennessee
Michael Sawyers DT Vanderbilt Jan-14 UNCOMMITTED
Chance Sorrell OL Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Penn State
Elijah Staley ATH Vanderbilt May-13 Mississippi State
Lloyd Tubman DE Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Penn State
Kameron Uter WR Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Wake Forest
Mikale Wilbon RB Vanderbilt Jan-14 NON-SEC: Nebraska


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  • Most of these kids wouldn’t contribute to an SEC school right away. That’s probably why most switched to non-sec schools that are not too impressive…

  • Looking at this list, there are quite a few that switched from one SEC school to another. Also, there are those who are still uncommitted, and some who recommitted to the same school. Also, as the writer noted, 14 of these went with their coach, James Franklin from Vandy to Penn State. I really don’t think the SEC is too worried about it. It is still the premier conference in college football, it will have the most top 10 and top 25 teams in football, and it will still have at least one of the teams playing in the National Championship and the majority of the bowl teams. It is normal for everyone there to be haters toward the top conference. The day people stop talking about and writing articles about the SEC is the day they’ll know they aren’t the best.

    • Pink … I don’t think of this story topic as a negative or a positive or anything like that, I think of it as more of a trend. Kids are pressured to pick earlier, by coaches, media, peers…. and it creates situations like this. Coaches also feel the pressure to offer earlier and earlier to keep up with all the hype. And hype is really … at its root … just another word for fan interest. We can blame media for hype, but media can’t hype anything if there isn’t reader/fan interest in it. Where there’s passion, there’s “hype”.