Four-star Abbington set for a return to Mizzou in 2015


Chase Abbington was one of the best–if not the best–signees of the Missouri 2013 class. An outstanding running back originally out of Saint Peters (Mo.), he inked with the Tigers on national signing day. But by fall, he was nowhere to be found.

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Academic challenges got in the way and the four-star back needed to head the junior college route and ended up at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. He is rated a four-star prospect in the JUCO ranks, and ranks him the No. 11 JUCO prospect in the nation so far. During the craziness of the 2014 recruiting cycle, quietly rejoined the Tigers’ program as a 2015 commitment.

As a junior college freshman, he rushed for 832 yards and 9 TDs at Hutchinson. Mizzou does have one other commitment for 2015, as highly touted RB Ryan Williams is also on board.


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  • Oh my gosh, Josh Henson get that O-line ready, fireworks are in-the-works. I know all football fans have stories like this but hope they can laugh at this one too….. In the James Wilder the 1st era, Missouri also had a radio crew that called the game like champs as well. James Wilder the 1st was more of a bruiser than James Wilder the 2nd. Sometimes when Wilder got the ball he would just carry multiple defenders with him down the field. It was so exciting that the radio crew couldn’t get any real words to come out of their mouths. Instead they would just roar as a team the whole time…… until Wilder reached the end-zone or on the rare occasions he would be tackled. Then they would say “The Sikeston Train”

    • The year,.. 1978. My wife & I are sitting in the middle of the south stadium section in Lincoln, Neb., watching our first ever Mizzou vs. Huskers football game. I am a die-hard transplanted Tiger fan…she is neutral about football & 4 months pregnant with our son. It’s late November, 20 degrees, cloudy, with a steady 15 mph wind in our face…dropping the wind chill temp to about zero! On about the second play from scrimmage, Husker RB (last name Berns?, it’s a long time ago) runs about 80 yards for a TD. The place goes nuts, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a long sad day for me. You see, Mizzou was maybe 6-4 at the time, and the Huskers were riding high at No. 1 or 2 in the country after just beating the highly ranked Sooners the Saturday before…in a scheduling quirk. (Usually, NE. vs. Ok. was always each teams last game.) But Mizzou had 3 very talented players on offense playing loose & for fun, along with a new hot-shot gun-slinger coach, Warren Powers. Their QB Phil Bradley, RB James Wilder the first, & All-Universe TE Kellen Winslow the first…. played “lights out” all day & kept the vaunted Husker defense on their heels & wondering who the hell these black n’ gold clad people were! The game was high scoring (for back then) and back & forth all day…I don’t believe one team ever led the other by more than 7 points. Mizzou’s final drive was 80 yards of pure eye candy for us few Tiger fans in attendance! Tigers were on a mission, & with little time, they marched down field behind the inspired play of Wilder & Winslow. The last scoring play of the game…to take the lead & win (34-31?) was about a 10-12 yard TD run RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE by Wilder with 2, 3 maybe 4 frustrated Huskers hanging on his shoulders! It was a beautiful thing. And all my current Big Red friends & family who are old enough to remember that game, are still in awe of those Missouri Tigers. #can’twaitforfootballseason2014