Ranking the SEC’s recruiting classes, Alabama still on top


We’re a little under a month away now. The all-star games are done and national signing day looms on February 5, four weeks from today. There will be a lot of news between now and then, and one can imagine that the rankings listed below won’t be the same in about four weeks.

Ten of the SEC’s 14 teams are rated in the top 25 of the national team rankings. With official visits scheduled to go on the weekends of Jan. 17, Jan. 24 and Jan. 31, there could be some big changes over the next few weeks, but for now, this is how things look–with Texas A&M and LSU making the most noise during the all-star week, and Alabama firmly holding onto the No. 1 spot.

Recruiting is going well for the SEC, as a whole. And it’ll likely only improve in the next month leading up to national signing day:

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Here’s a look at the 14 SEC schools and how they stack up against each other and the rest of the country for the class of 2014:

EDITOR’S NOTE: All rankings, team or individual, are based on composite rankings from 247Sports.com.

SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 24
Early enrollees: 8
SEC: No. 1
Nationally: No. 1
Top committed prospect: OL Cameron Robinson
Headlined by: DE Da’Shawn Hand; DB Tony Brown, ATH Bo Scarborough
The skinny: The ‘Tide are loaded at all positions–the two straight losses haven’t affected this class at all. Expect them to cruise to the mythical national recruiting title.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 20
Early enrollees: 5
SEC: No. 2
Nationally: No. 3
Top committed prospect: DE Myles Garrett
Headlined by: WR Speedy Noil, QB Kyle Allen, DB Nick Harvey
The skinny: PIcking up WRs Speedy Noil and Frank Iheanacho in the past week pushed the Aggies past the rest of the SEC into the No. 2 spot.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 18
Early enrollees: 2
SEC: No. 3
Nationally: No. 5
Top committed prospect: RB Leonard Fournette
Headlined by: DB Jamal Adams, LB Clifton Garrett, DB Edward Paris
The skinny: The Tigers’ top three commitments have come just in the past few weeks–including the nation’s No. 1 prospect in Fournette–showing the kind of momentum the Tigers have had.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 33
Early enrollees: 15
SEC: No. 4
Nationally: No. 6
Top committed prospect: RB Jalen Hurd
Headlined by: WR Josh Malone, DB Todd Kelly, LB Dillon Bates
The skinny: Vols have the nation’s largest class, so don’t expect a ton of expansion in the next few weeks–but make no mistake, this is as good a class as they’ve had in years.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 21
Early enrollees: 5
SEC: No. 5
Nationally: No. 8
Top committed prospect: RB Racean Thomas
Headlined by: LB Tre’ Williams, WR D’haquille Williams, DB Kalvaraz Bessent
The skinny: The Tigers signed three stud junior college transfers in December and have flipped four players from other SEC schools in recent weeks. It’s been a good month or so.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 20
Early enrollees: 6
SEC: No. 6
Nationally: No. 10
Top committed prospect: DT Gerald Willis
Headlined by: WR Ermon Lane, QB Will Grier, OL David Sharpe
The skinny: Surprise pickup of defensive tackle Gerald Willis, who was thought to be heading to LSU, helps offset loss of Dalvin Cook to Florida State.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 16
Early enrollees: 1
SEC: No. 7
Nationally: No. 11
Top committed prospect: RB Sony Michel
Headlined by: RB Nick Chubb, QB Jacob Park, DB Malkom Parrish
The skinny: Things have been quiet for Bulldogs for awhile, but they may have some nice additions between now and national signing day.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 24
Early enrollees: 7
SEC: No. 8
Nationally: No. 14
Top committed prospect: OL Rod Taylor
Headlined by: DB C.J. Hampton, WR Markell Pack, DE Garrald McDowell
The skinny: Rebels may have a few tricks left up their sleeves before national signing day, but for the most part they’ve sewn up this class and can focus on 2015..

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 24
Early enrollees: 7
SEC: No. 9
Nationally: No. 24
Top committed prospect: QB Drew Barker
Headlined by: DB Darius West, DE Denzel Ware, RB Stanley Williams
The skinny: The Wildcats are waiting to see what in-state D-lineman Matt Elam does, as he’d be on of the program’s top pickups this year, but overall the program is focusing on 2015..

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 16
Early enrollees: 1
SEC: No. 10
Nationally: No. 28
Top committed prospect: WR Shaq Davidson
Headlined by: DE Dante Sawyer, OL Donell Stanley, LB Bryson Allen-Williams
The skinny: Expected to be a small class, the Gamecocks still have a nice group for one that will be probably 10 signees under the usual limit. One or two more pickups might come.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 20
Early enrollees: 4
SEC: No. 11
Nationally: No. 31
Top committed prospect: DT Bijhon Jackson
Headlined by: OL Brian Wallace, OL Jovan Pruitt, TE Ravian Pierce
The skinny: Pickup of Brian Wallace, who chose the Razorbacks over Alabama, was a huge addition–and the late junior college signees are solid too..

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 20
Early enrollees: 0
SEC: No. 12
Nationally: No. 33
Top committed prospect: QB K.J. Carta-Samuels
Headlined by: DB Kyle Gibson, DB Emmanuel Smith, DT Michael Sawyers
The skinny: Don’t expect a whole lot of news from the Vandy camp in the next few weeks, but don’t take that as a bad thing. This is a solid group with a great QB to lead it.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 26
Early enrollees: 5
SEC: No. 13
Nationally: No. 36
Top committed prospect: OL Andy Bauer
Headlined by: LB Brandon Lee, WR Nate Brown, DB Raymond Wingo
The skinny: This is a sleeper class, meaning it isn’t getting the respect it deserves–just like the team this fall.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 18
Early enrollees: 2
SEC: No. 14
Nationally: No. 41
Top committed prospect: ATH Jamoral Graham
Headlined by: RB Aeris Williams, ATH Gerri Green, WR Jesse Jackson
The skinny: The Bulldogs still have a little room to grow, and could add a few more key ingredients before national signing day.

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  • I’m concerned Alabama is signing too many players here. There’s no way that they can hold 24 more players. I believe there’s going to be a lot of cuts in their future.

    • Don’t be too concerned. You can’t “cut” college football players. They are student athletes at a university, not professionals on an NFL roster. Alabama doesn’t bring on more players than everyone else. Players transfer to other schools for more playing time, get redshirted etc etc.

      • LOL…Dearbrave, it is not called “cutting” but don’t kid yourself and think that Saban doesn’t have his ways of cutting kids. Oversigning is a legitimate concern in college football recruiting and the consensus is that Bama is one of the worst, if not THE worst, offenders.

        • I didn’t call it that, I was referring to the post by Bsums that you neglected to read. And what would these “ways” be? I’m very interested in what your examples are. Bama can’t help but to sign a lot, those Georgia HS kids can ball and they want rings on their fingers. ;)

        • You read my reply wrong. I didn’t say you called it “cutting;” I was saying that it may not be called “cutting” in the college, but that’s exactly what happens.
          Anyway, “ways” = illegitimate “medical disqualifications” for one. But, you can read more in this Bama website’s (unapologetic) article on the subject http://bamahammer.com/2013/02/28/alabama-football-oversigning-and-roster-cuts-are-part-of-nick-sabans-process/
          This article is only one explanation of the process. If you take your crimson blinder’s off, you’ll find many more with a simple search.

        • The article talks about players who committed crimes, broke team rules, academic issues, were injured, transferred, and greyshirting. Funny, isn’t that basically what I said in my first comment?? Those are the ONLY mentions of players being “cut” (for lack of a better word). After that the article goes on and on describing how not everything is handed to players once they sign. Ex: “Those who can’t do as expected are in danger of losing that opportunity.” But fails to explain how any of this ‘you fell short on the field, you’re gone’ thing works. Do you have any example of your claim on illegitimate medical disqualifications? Or is that all speculation as well? I can provide you with an article from The Onion, but just because it’s on the internet does not mean it makes any viable points or is correct. I didn’t ask you to give me an article which doesn’t answer my question, I asked YOU to answer my question. My thoughts on this doesn’t even end in Tuscaloosa either. No team is going to wrong a player like that without someone (especially said player) blowing the whistle. So until YOU can actually answer my question, sit boy sit.

        • No, Dearbrave, I have never personally interviewed a kid who got screwed by Saban. So, if you’re looking for a firsthand account, I won’t be able to give it to you. All I can do is that crazy little thing called citing to news articles. I know it’s very hard for you to read between the lines with Saban’s actions, so without a video with Saban rubbing his hands together, laughing maniacally, while he says very clearly “It’s never legitimate when I ask a player to take a ‘medical hardship’ and stop playing for my team”, you will never be convinced of anything but Saban doing right by every naive kid who wants to go to Bama. Guess you win this one…

    • What we have learned over years is the most successful programs, like Alabama, will recruit some great players who won’t get a lot of playing time, but they won’t get any playing time playing against them either.

  • zut! each year high school can decide whether to continue your scholarship or not.

  • Here is something I’ve noticed about this ‘ranking teams’ stuff. If a program is set to sign 24or 30 or whatever? They;re ranked higher than a team that is poised to sin only 16 or 18. The number of potential singnees pushes your ranking higher. Because of numbers of 4 or 5 star players signed. Sort of misleading..

    • Well, this is a composite ranking first off, so it takes the average of the four major services. It’s the one I prefer because it provides more of a consensus, ADB. Secondly … yes, there is a bit of a quality vs. quantity thing going on, but there are many cases of a “quality” class of 16 or 17 kids beating a “quantity” class. But if you have 33 commitments like Tennessee, made up solidly of 4 star kids (as they are), you might be able to trump a program with 16 commits that has three 5 star kids. Bottom line? It’s all for debate. Did you team get who they needed? Did they bring home the best at a position? It’s all up for debate, right?

  • I personally like looking three years in the past and then you can rate accurately how a program did a particular cycle by actual performance of the particular recruit. The 3 star and 4 star tag is great but it’s only an overview of what a player “may” do for a program. Looking back shows you what he really did for the program.