Alabama’s QB for 2015 drops the Crimson Tide, commits to Southern Cal

Photo courtesy of Ricky Town

A lot has changed since arguably the nation’s top junior quarterback, Ricky Town, gave his pledge to Alabama over the summer. His home-state school, USC, saw head coach Lane Kiffin get fired and Washington’s Steve Sarkisian get hired. And then Kiffin landed at Alabama to work with the offense–the offense Town would have played in soon. It’s funny how certain people cross paths over and over again.

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On Saturday, Town Tweeted the following: “Today I have de-committed from Alabama. It was an honor to get to know Coach Saban and the Alabama fans. Thank you!”

Town now appears to be heading to USC. He’s 6-foot-4, 205 pounds and is expected to play early wherever he ends up. Town is from Ventura (Calif.).

Update: Town committed to Southern Cal shortly after decommiting from Alabama.


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  • I wonder if this is a pre-emptive reaction to the likely (if you put stock in the rumor mill, anyway) enrollment of Jacob Coker at Alabama. Alternately, I wonder if he was simply not eager to play for Coach Kiffin.

    Regardless, best of luck to him, wherever he ends up playing football.

    • Has nothing to do with Coker. In fact, if Coker’s there as a solid two-year starter, that could set up the situation perfectly for Town to come off a redshirt 2015 and work under a solid QB like Coker. Otherwise? Might be a little dicier. Nah, Coker’s not the issue.

  • Can’t imagine him changing his mind after one conversation with Kiffin? Must be more to this story than Town wants to tell.

  • It certainly is weird that he’s from California and was committed to Alabama. Then, Alabama hired Lane Kiffin, and he decommitted and committed to USC. Of course, it’s not all Kiffin, but it does make you wonder. This guy comes from a great family. I’d say Jacob Coker could have something to do with it, too, but he and Coker would only have one season together. But the timing certainly is odd.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with Coker. Town eventually would have started for Bama, that’s my opinion. I think he would have leapfrogged Cornwell and Cooper Bateman and there would have been maybe a solid 2-year placeholder (Coker?) in 2014, 15. Town possibly redshirts 2015, Cornwell sees some playing time, then in 2016 the job is wide open at Alabama. Town wasn’t afraid of any of that …. I think its the coaching change, but they’ve never told us that specifically in interviews (the Towns are very nice people, wouldn’t rip somebody). But if you read into it, like Jon says above, he didn’t pick USC when Kiffin was there, and he left Bama when Kiffin is the only thing that has changed.

      • speculation…… at best.
        I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that Bama already has no less than 4 now that could play next year for virtually any school in the nation.

  • I know i would not want my kid to play for a bad person like Lane Kiffin. He is morally a really bad person.

    • the butthurt is strong in your post…… see ‘ya Oct. 25th.

      • I see no butthurt here, only reality.

        • I just don’t get the “morally bad” part. True, he left Tennessee after a year, but after the way they canned Fulmer (their best coach for the last 50 years), when the opportunity at USC became available, I just saw it as taking a chance to be where he clearly had more comfort. The Vol fan base has become schizophrenically fickle and unable to land anyone that approached Fulmers’ reputation for winning.
          After he got canned at USC, he simply took the best available option for his family and his career…… morally bad ?.
          If you were canned at your job, wouldn’t you do the same thing ?

  • Pure speculation and you have no idea if Kiffin was actually the reason for his change of heart. May have been the fact that Saban stopped in at at St. John Bosco High School to see 2015 quarterback Josh Rosen. The 6-foot-4, 205-pound Rosen is rated the nation’s top pro-style passer in the 247Composite rankings for the class of 2015. After that visit Saban went to see Town who is the number 2 rated QB behind Rosen. Who really knows!

    • Not pure speculation, Bruce. Pure logic. Kiffin at USC? Very little communication between Town and USC. Kiffin at Alabama? Town leaves the 2015 Bama class and goes to where Kiffin isn’t. Pretty logical that there’s something there.

      • But yet it’s still just speculation! Before Kiffin was fired he was already on the hot seat so you can’t really blame the kid for not making a commitment to USC. Maybe he felt comfortable about the future with the new staff at USC. Maybe he felt slighted by Saban bringing in Cover and visiting with Rosen while in CA. I know as a parent I would be a little disappointed. You mentioned in another post that you would be talking with Rick Town and even if it’s true that Kiffin was the reason, I would be very surprised if he admits that was the reason, or say anything bad about Kiffin.

  • I think it adds to Kiffin speculation when you consider Town wasn’t considering USC while Kiffin was there and now that Kiffin is at Bama, Town not only decommits from them, but turns around and immediately commits to USC.
    C’mon Bama fans, you have to admit Saban hired a top 3 D-bag in college football.

  • I really hate Ricky Town decided to de-commit. It would’ve only been good experience to play behind Coker if in fact he does become the starter. Town would’ve only had to wait one year to play if he is really good enough. More than likely he would’ve redshirted any way. May have been for the best. Sounds like the competition scared him away.

    • Spud — Coker would only have been competition for one season, as you pointed out–a likely redshirted season. The rest of the competition is already there or plans to be (Cornwell). The competition wasn’t it … it hasn’t really changed. Other stuff changed. Read between the lines.