SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

All-american games great for watching defense, skill positions

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So we’re here … All-American Game season.

High school All-American Games generally look a lot alike: The quarterbacks usually look terrible, no running back gets enough carries to look outstanding, there are multiple INT returns and kick/punt returns for touchdowns–and it’s a fun time to be a defensive lineman, because sacks will be ‘a plenty.

It takes a lot longer than three days of practice to put together a viable offense, especially when you’re facing the most talented defensive players in the nation. This leads to pretty abysmal numbers on offense, and games settled by turnovers. The MVP will probably be the guy who returned a punt 93 yards for a score against scrambled-egg kick coverage.

So, SEC fans, when you tune in to the four All-American games we’re going to be treated to Thursday through Sunday, don’t be disappointed when your future savior quarterback goes 5-for-17 passing for 64 yards and 2 INTs. He’s only just met his receivers, and his line is in new pads and helmets that don’t necessarily fit correctly–and they haven’t had time to jell as a unit (and this hurts the O-line more than any position). So your quarterback probably will get pummeled. He might get off a 53-yard touchdown pass to some receiver who runs a 4.3, thanks to broken coverage, but mostly he’s going to get pummeled.

So which players will shine? Like we mentioned above, keep an eye on the Uber athletic positions on defense. The cornerbacks, safeties and those rangy defensive ends are going to have a lot of fun. This is their kind of game. Also, watch for those jack-of-all-trades athletes on offense. The guy who could play three different positions and even be a Wildcat quarterback because he’s so shifty and can fly. These are the kids who will break a long play–and thanks to breakdowns in coverage on special teams and defense, there will be lots of long plays.

Don’t expect too many 9-play drives going 73 yards. It’ll be an ugly game, no matter which one you watch … geared more to the individual than anything else. That’s even more apparent when half the game’s attention will be spent on kids announcing their school choices and holding up the game during these fun “timeouts”.

Football is football … but this isn’t really football. It’s not even close to what they’ll do at the next level. It’s missing the ‘Rudys’ of college football, it’s missing the teamwork, etc. etc.

It ain’t SEC football, but there are more than 100 SEC recruits scheduled to play in the four games.

But hey, it’s a chance to see your future players live. And it beats watching hockey, right?

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