Two Arkansas commits dropped, H.S. coach mad


Torrance Mosley and Corey McBride are no longer with the Arkansas class of 2014, but it isn’t because they wanted to leave.

Their high school coach was informed by Arkansas’ staff that the school would no longer be honoring their commitments, but before the conversation went any farther, Dutchtown (La.) coach Benny Saia hung up on them. NCAA rules prevent coaching staffs to comment on a recruit prior to them signing a national letter of intent, so the true reason may never be known–but a lot of time situations like this happen because of grade issues. Sometimes it can be a numbers game too, so fans will have to interpret it on their own.

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Saia said it wasn’t about grades, telling the Baton Rouge Advocate that the players’ grades had vastly improved since they chose the Razorbacks over the summer.

“I didn’t even ask why, I just hung up,” Saia told the newspaper. “Colleges get mad at kids when they commit (elsewhere), but then you have something like this. This is second year in a row this has happened with a player from this area. You’re only as good as your word, and right now theirs doesn’t mean much.”

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Last year, another local Louisiana prospect, Kaleb Blanchard of Denham Springs, had his scholarship offer rescinded when the coaching change happened at Arkansas–when Bret Bielema was hired.

Mosley did an interview with Saturday Down South last year, and this is what he had to say about Arkansas.

“I think that this class is going to be special because of our quarterback, Rafe Peavey,” Mosley told SDS. “He showed me that he is definitely going to be a great leader in the future, just in the short time that I’ve known him. Plus all the coaches and athletes we’re putting around him will be great. Coach Bielema is a very cool guy and also the coaching staff he has will get us prepared to be the best we can be to win. He’s a coach who knows how to win, like he did in Wisconsin.”

Mosley and McBride will visit TCU this weekend.


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  • TCU?, is that a clue about why they’re no longer on the list at Arkansas? What is the TCU program known for? I still haven’t seen a statement from anyone at TCU about them successfully cleaning up their roster of self-proclaimed drug users. There may be nothing negative about this story and these young men might be just too many at the same position. If this is the case I hope they shop around for the best fit. This is a tough process for 17 year olds to negotiate. Prayers for the best outcome.

  • It was reported by an Arkansas source that Mosley wasn’t going to have the grades and/or the ACT score to enroll, so when Arkansas yanked his offer McBride backed out too. Plus, the fact that Arkansas has added other WR’s and is in on one other 4 star wideout probably didn’t help them.
    This happens all of the time, all around the nation, and it won’t be the last time it happens either…with Arkansas or any other college.

    • Yep … ya gotta read between the lines in cases like this. But hey, its he said=he said.

    • Well you can’t go by what’s reported. Mosley scored pretty high on the ACT twice and is a very smart young man. MCbride didn’t backed down, Ark wasn’t going to honor his offer either. Both have the grades and will qualify for the NCAA. What Arkansas did was unprofessional and inconsiderate to these young men. If they wasn’t going to honor their commitment, they could’ve did them a favor and told them a month before signing day Versus a week. I noticed that Arkansas had a WR committment hours prior to letting these kids go. These kids are extremely talented and Ark will wish that they would have kept them. These kids was robbed out of a full recruiting experience because it was ended when they committed to Ark.

  • Arky better not burn any bridges with any high schools.

    • How utterly profound! This happens everywhere, in association with every school…including Mizzou. But, back to the real chatter…

      The fact that Coach Saia hung up on the coaching staff at Arkansas tells me this, he knew why they were calling and he knew the reason. To say that the players grades had “vastly improved since they chose the Razorbacks over the summer,” is typical coach-speak – vague and without real substance. Improved from what? improved how much?

      This tells us several things:
      1. The university was mislead on where these players stood academically. This can potentially be a waste of a scholarship spot if a player is not going to be cleared by the NCAA and you just wrapped up signing day.

      2. Grades are one issue and standardized test scores another. Note how the coach did not touch the topic of AVT scores, just tossed around the word “vastly.”

      Here is a humdinger, Coach Saia. Could that quick hang-up from the conversation have been triggered by personal frustration because you didn’t do enough to help these kids get to where they need to be? I know, that is a HUGE assumption on my part. But, then again, you are the one who hung up the phone during mid conversation, leaving things left without solid explanation.

      So, while you speculate and throw accusations, others can do the very same.

      • AVT being ACT…sorry.

      • The University went to Dutchtown high school several times and 1 key requirement should be to check players academics. One had a 22 on the ACT and the other had a 19. Saai stated that both will qualify for the NCAA. I would have hung up myself because that was unprofessional and inconsiderate what the coaching staff pulled.