SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

Auburn and Mizzou commits offer views of Saturday’s title game

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Auburn commits are still beaming after the win over Alabama, and Mizzou commits are still just as stoked about the way their school handled Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M last week … but there’s an even bigger ball game to focus on tomorrow, and there’s a ton at stake–as both programs could end up in the national championship game if things go their way Saturday.

Obviously, both sides’ commits have differing views on how things will go in the SEC championship game. Here’s a sampling of what they told Saturday Down South:

Mizzou commits:

RB Trevon Walters– “In my opinion, I think Missouri will have a good run stop defense to make Auburn pass the ball. And Missouri has a good enough secondary to stop it. Auburn’s quarterback can not throw that well so they should be OK.”

DB Finis Stribling– “I think it will be a close game. I think if Mizzou can contain (Nick) Marshall and play the quick screens well, then that will guarantee a win.”

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Auburn commits:

DB Nick Ruffin– “I think Auburn can pull one more out. The keys for Auburn will be controlling the offense line, being physical at the point attack and winning the turnover battle. And defensively for them, it is to limit the big plays, fill the gaps and string (Henry) Josey outside, force him to the sidelines and play fundamental and assignment football. Fundamentals will beat talent in a game like this. It’ll be close but Auburn will bring a more fundamental approach to this game.”

OL Xavier Dampeer– “I was the most excited that I’ve ever been in my life that we got here. No lie. It’s great to be an Auburn commit. I figured Coach Malzahn would turn the team around. But to be honest, they’ve shown me more talent that what I thought they would have had. The run game is awesome and I’ve loved watching them break out 20-plus yards a pop.”

So what are they in agreement about? Both sides want Michigan State to beat Ohio State later tonight–BADLY:

Auburn’s DB commit Ruffin: “I hope (Michigan State) does beat them, and I’ll try to watch it. I think Michigan State will win. Ohio State has the lackluster schedule, so I’m not convinced of their claim to legitimacy and I believe that it’s because of that schedule. To run into a team that is experienced and tough and gritty like Michigan State. They will struggle. it’ll be a shock to them.”

Auburn QB commit Tyler Queen: “I plan to watch both the SEC game and that one (Big Ten) for sure. But I have no idea how yet. Probably with friends and family.”

Mizzou RB commit Walters: “I’m a big fan of Michigan State this week. I’ll be watching and cheering.”

Mizzou DB commit Stribling: “Honestly, I was a Michigan State fan growing up, so now I’m really going for them upsetting Ohio State and Mizzou beating Auburn can get us to the BCS.”

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  1. Good job Missouri commits, (and Auburn commits). If you are as good with academics as you are with studying football, then you will make more money as a (example businessman) having amateur athletics as your expression of physical health,…. than you you ever could in pro-football. So I look forward to seeing you all as TIGERS MIZ-ZOU and WAR EAGLE from your future north Missouri/SEC fan.

  2. I love the way that Auburn is more concerned with the NC then they are about Mizzou. if that’s called respect from the SEC then you can just keep it. don’t give us your respect it’s worthless.

  3. THAN not then. I think my phone is poking fun at my hillbilly accent. not funny.

    • Hey, we don’t have any grammar police on the “comment” thread. Don’t sweat it, Zoucat, we know what you’re saying. However, if you see one in my stuff above, feel free to blast me — I deserve it. Anyway, good stuff above. Something tells me I’d love living in Missouri.

  4. Brian, your respectful, limited invasion, and humor with high school recruits is a model for journalism everywhere. Thanks for your stories.

    • Truly appreciate that Wolfman. That’s exactly what I try to do. They go into robo mode when you ask “what’s your top five” … but if you get off the train tracks and do something different from time to time, they tend to remember you. Most of them are huge fans themselves, as you can see above. They never get tired of talking about their future schools.