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The man who signed with 3 schools now has a home

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Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed on this situation.

Dacorius Law, the three-star running back from Haines City (Fla.) who signed with three schools on Wednesday, has been released from one of his two Division I letters of intent. Ole Miss stepped up to the plate and released him, allowing him to attend the other Division I school he signed with–Utah. Rebels head coach Hugh Freeze put out a statement about the situation, and it was been resolved. If there had been more controversy, this could have worn on for weeks.

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“We are completely certain no wrongdoing occurred by our coaching or compliance staff,” Freeze’s statement read. “Regardless of the outcome of the findings, we want the young man to attend the school he wants. After talking with D.J. and his family, we are releasing him from his NLI and wish him the best. We have put this matter behind us and plan to make best use of that scholarship.”

Law, or his handlers, apparently didn’t understand that you can’t sign with two Division I schools at once. His third letter of intent was to a junior college, which is way less binding and is routinely used as a backup plan for players who have academic challenges to resolve. But when somebody signs with two Division I schools, it poses a problem. It turns out he or his helpers faxed a letter of intent first to Ole Miss, but then he had a public announcement later in the day where he signed with Utah, publicly.

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But it’s all water under the bridge now.

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  1. Now the million dollar question: how would this have played out if the recruit was rated a 5 star? Might’ve been ugly.

  2. who in the world is advising this young man… they should be ashamed of themselves… how embarrassing for him and for those who were suppose to be helping him through the recruiting process WOW!! were you really that unaware??? did you not understand??? or were you…..

  3. He was trying to play the system and got caught. The SEC doesn’t want anymore headaches like that. I’m wondering how long before he gets arrested or caught in something else…Very poor display of character on this young man’s part.

  4. KDC43
    Commented : 2 months ago

    What’s the over/under on how long he lasts in college?

  5. He’s from Florida and he’s going all the way to Utah and can’t get this simple step correct – he’s “DONE FOR”!!

  6. Looks like Ole Miss is the real winner.

  7. You’re not from around these parts, are ya?