Four-star Elam to pick Bama or Kentucky on Thursday


Matt Elam is ready to wrap things up–and he has Crimson Tide and Wildcats fans on edge waiting to hear the final decision.

Elam Tweeted late Sunday that he will announce his college decision on Thursday at 12 p.m. He is coming off of an unofficial visit to Kentucky this weekend, and has had several of its coaches visit him personally in the past few weeks. He also took an official visit to Alabama on Jan. 17 and had its coaches visit earlier this month. His official visit to Kentucky came in mid December.

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If it is any indicator, he’s had a lot more activity related to Kentucky in recent weeks than he has had with Alabama. In fact, Kentucky’s top commitment right now–QB Drew Barker–posed for a photo with a couple Kentucky fans this weekend and Elam snuck into the shot. That photo is making its rounds on Twitter.

The four-star defensive tackle is 6-foot-5, 370 pounds and is out of Elizabethtown (Ky.). Depending on which recruiting service is consulted, Elam would be one of the biggest recruiting pickups for Kentucky since Tim Couch in the 1990s. He would absolutely be the cherry on top of Mark Stoops’ national top 20 recruiting class, and might provide enough boost to put the ‘Cats in the top 15. Elam is huge, but can also move well for a big man.

NOTE: All ratings refer to the composite ranking.


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  • I find that all of the pre-signing day hype amounts to little more than media “experts” speculating based on heresay and what they read online….. until they “sign on the line”, it’s ALL talk.

    • Dave — Elam and I have talked a few times since September, so I don’t know that it’s pure speculation. However, nobody can read minds … so I guess up to a certain point even parents and coaches closely associated with the kids are “speculating”.

      Let’s face it — recruiting is the game from Bowl season until about Sept. 1. You’re going to tell me Bama fans shouldn’t celebrate a recruiting victory over Auburn until they sign on the line? Or vice versa? I think people should enjoy whatever they want to enjoy, ya know?

      • Hey Brian,
        Thanks for taking a moment to reply.
        No, I’m not saying that anyone who verbally commits is just “blowing smoke”. But the number of verbal commits who flip before signing day seem to have become more of a common occurrence in recent years. I suppose it’s just the nature of the recruiting process as it exists today. I think it (to some degree) explains why so many schools over-sign potential prospects. They have to factor in the possibility of attrition at key positions with highly sought out order to solidify the future their programs. But lets be candid, there are clearly variables at play that can alter a prospects’ allegiance before all is said and done. The sudden departure of Towns this past week is a perfect example- although many feel it’s primarily due to Kiffin, no one but Towns actually knows why. As such, I maintain cautious optimism, but understand that all of the guessing and speculation in the world assures no guarantee until it’s over.
        Fair enough ??

        • Well … fair enough. Rick Town (Ricky’s dad) texted me yesterday and said he’d be glad to talk this week. I’ll throw out the Kiffin question and if they shoot that down they shoot that down.

          Cautious optimism pledge — I think we should pitch this to Rivals or 247Sports. We’ll call it a C.O.P. Hope the police don’t take offense.

        • PS — Dave, we always reply to our readers! ‘Ppreciate ya and hope you all keep coming back to talk with us.

  • This time of year, you have to watch what kids do…not what they say. An unofficial to UK this weekend was huge, especially knowing they were the last school to get him on campus. Would be a cornerstone for Stoops if they land him.

    • Since we’re speculating, I see Kentucky as a 6 win team this year- irrespective of where Elam ends up. But you’re right, it would give the ‘Cats something to look forward to for perhaps the next 2 years….. then he probably declares and goes pro anyway.

  • Elam would be a great addition and strong finish to this years recruiting class at UK.

  • Jon and Brian, I’m just curious, but how many are on the SDS staff? What college programs are you guys associated with or who do you pull for?

    • Two full time staffers right now in Brian and myself. I’m associated with just SEC programs and don’t have a favorite. I played baseball at UCF, so I have no dog in any fight.

    • No dog in the fight either, like Jon said. No affiliation. We cover the SEC … we give as much love to Vandy as we do Bama. I root for the Naval Academy …. Beat Army!