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Alabama steals Rashaan Evans from Auburn

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Rashaan Evans commits to Alabama instead of Auburn

He may be from the town of Auburn, but he won’t be playing for the Tigers next year.

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Just like Reuben Foster last year, Evans seemed to be a kid destined to play for his hometown SEC team. Both are from Auburn High School. But both ended up with the Crimson Tide in the end.

Evans is rated the No. 15 overall prospect in America by the composite ranking. He is a 6-foot-3, 220-pound outside linebacker with superior speed and athleticism. He won’t have any problem chasing quarterbacks at the next level and could be an instant contributor for the Crimson Tide.

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Auburn was so sure of its chances to land Evans, it actually put up a full bio of the five-star linebacker. That, of course, was quickly taken down.

Auburn Website Page for Rashaan Evans

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Comments 17

  1. That was a big surprise.

  2. The Troll is strong with this

  3. That’s a shame. The duo of him and Tre’ Williams at LB for Auburn would have been a strong force in the SEC for a few years. Best of luck to him at Bama, except against Auburn! War Eagle!

    • Definitely Camrycowan but in the end he made what is the best decision for him and his future and can’t argue with that. Hopefully things work out great for him. I see him destroying everyone (hopefully not us) WDE!

    • He has an equal chance of being a dominating duo with his old teammate R Foster! You guys still have had a great class. You also took a couple from Bama, so don’t feel too bad!

  4. LOL at the University having the nerve to put up his bio (though I can see it possibly being a recruiting tactic, of sorts).
    I hope the Evans family is ready to move out of Auburn.

    • I may not like AU but they have more class than to target a kid’s family. Gotta keep things in perspective.

      • Yeah, was halfway kidding. On the other hand, every fanbase has its crazies and it wouldn’t shock me to see some idiot do something stupid. Just see people in Athens egging Murray’s house after losing to South Carolina last year (which I presume is what Nchl was alluding to with his comment below). Some people are really sad.

    • They do not have to worry they live in Auburn not Athens :-) We actually treat our foks (and football players) with respect!

  5. Huge surprise and a huge loss for us. I wish him the best though because he is a great kid. In the end I believe it came down to playing LB exclusively and there’s nothing wrong with that. WDE!

    • Was AU looking at possibly flipping him to another position? I hadnt followed it really close until lately as I thought he was way out of our reach.

      • AU had not made it real clear as to what exactly he would be for them. Bama gave him a better detailed idea of what they needed and wanted him for and how he would contribute. Wish him the best!

  6. Pretty sure there’s gonna be a “Webmaster” opening in the Barn Sports Information Dept. tomorrow………