Flurry of high-end commitments continues for Mizzou

Daniel Imatorbhebhe-Mizzou-Commit

That North Gwinnett to Mizzou pipeline just keeps on giving.


North Gwinnett is an Atlanta (Ga.)-area football power that sent four-star WR Nate Brown to Mizzou with the 2014 class, and Mizzou’s coaching staff knows that to compete in the SEC, it has to tap into the talent wells in Georgia and Florida, etc. The Tigers did it again this week when 6-foot-4, 220-pound tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe gave the program its sixth commitment of the 2015 class and the fourth since April 1. There’s another potential target at North Gwinnett–defensive end Anree Saint-Amour is a strong possibility to come on board with the Tigers, too.

But for now, the news is the pickup of the huge tight end. He had taken visits to Florida and Vanderbilt in recent weeks, but in the end he went with his favorite.

Couple the flurry of top recruits in recent weeks with the possibility of landing five-star stud Terry Beckner and four-star legacy Alex Ofodile … and this is sizing up to be one of the best Mizzou classes ever.

Making the SEC championship game is a nice recruiting tool … Mizzou won’t be sneaking up on anybody any time soon.



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  • Balance is becoming more the goal than star power. Congrats Tigers.

  • We need another good season to hold them. A couple great classes, with our player development could have a profound effect on the landscape of college football. A step up in talent on a consistent flowing basis would mean we wouldn’t be living off the occasional great class like 2010. Leading to every true Mizzou fan’s goal of representing the SEC in National Championship games hopefully versus Texas and completely destroying them. There are plenty of feuds to enjoy in the SEC, and Mizzou waits patiently for its natural rival Arkansas but nothing yet matches the anger Mizzou feels against the team that was allowed to destroy a noble conference. I would mention Kansas here but I haven’t eaten yet. Good time to be alive.

    • MizzInnc, another crack up here, Every Missouri fan has that humorous but real desire to see those who voted to sell out the old Big 8 conference pay for their lowborn-longhorn-dope-fest. And every Missouri fan has that desire to avenge the stolen national championship Kansas perpetrated by bringing in the illegal ringer last game of the year. Not the only near miss at a #1 vote to finish a great football year.

    • Mizzouinnc…. you are the hammer, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas & many (all?) of Zou’s opponents this fall are the nails! A sidenote on DGB…. with him gone, all other Tiger WR’s will step up their training & their overall game significantly… and that’s an awesome thing!