Gators’ potential ‘hot finish’ begins late Tuesday?


Good offensive tackles are like gold, especially at this point in the recruiting calendar. They are rare. They are valuable. The can star battles.

Andrew Mike, a tackle with a huge frame with room to grow, became an SEC darling after his senior season. Arkansas, Vanderbilt (with James Franklin) and Florida all wanted to steal the Arizona native away from Pac 12 country, with Arizona and USC giving chase. Vanderbilt had his commitment for a day or so, but Florida swayed him the night before national signing day. Arkansas is still wishing he’d picked the Razorbacks.

The question is, is this an indication of a hot finish for the Gators? Time will tell.

Mike is rated a three-star prospect, but his rating will likely go up. The Gators need linemen, and they got a good one. Mike is 6-foot-7, 270 pounds, so the training staff will have a lot of fun building him into a blocking monster.


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