Which states produce the most SEC talent?


Think Florida, Texas or California produce the most college football talent in the nation? You’d be right.

But when it comes to SEC talent–there’s a clear No. 1 state: Georgia. Yes, the Peach State has produced 10 more SEC commitments than the next state on the list, Florida. This number includes all classes, all current commitments.

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So here’s a look at the top 10 SEC talent producing states, and also how many SEC teams have plucked talent from that state. Interestingly, Georgia feeds 12 SEC programs. The only two not on that list? Texas A&M somewhat understandably … and (scratch your head now) Florida. The Gators don’t have any Peach State talent committed to the program, which is really an anomaly. The next best state, Florida, was feeding 13 programs until Ravian Pierce and Arkansas parted ways this week. Now, the Razorbacks and Texas A&M are the only two programs with no Sunshine State talent.

Here’s a look at the top 10 states:

1. Georgia 58 12
2. Florida 48 12
3. Mississippi 47 9
4. Texas 46 11
5. Louisiana 28 6
6. Alabama 21 8
7. Tennessee 19 5
8. Ohio 15 4
9. South Carolina 13 5
10. Missouri 11 2

Other SEC states: Arkansas (8), Kentucky (3).

Notable: North Carolina (4), California (3), New York (2), Pennsylvania (2), Minnesota (1), Wyoming (1).


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  • I was a little bit surprised to see Mississippi at #3. Not because they don’t produce a lot of talented players, but it’s somewhat of a down year in Mississippi as for as producing a lot top talented recruits. I don’t think a lot of people realize how much talent is in Mississippi. You would think that Ole Miss and MSU would be a lot better with all the talent in the state. But people have to realize that Mississippi has a small population and has 3 D1 schools and they have to compete with other teams in the SEC for that talent. Unlike schools like LSU, Arkansas, and Tennessee are really the only big time program in their state, so they they can pretty much get all the recruits in their state that they want.

    • You also have to take into consideration that 9 SEC schools are receiving commitments from these talented players in Mississippi and i would be willing to bet that Ole Miss and MSU aren’t where most of these players end up.

      • Actually Ole Miss and MSU do get the best players out of Mississippi. But since Mississippi does produce a large amount of D1 talent, they all can’t go to Ole Miss or MSU. Some of them do end up Southern Miss. The schools that dip into Mississippi the most for recruits are Alabama, Auburn, and LSU.

  • I’ve read that per capita population the state of MS produces more Div 1 football players than any other state. Is anybody really suprised at GA? The state has an excellent highschool football following and programs. If you drive from Jacksonville to Atlhens (you pick the route) in the Fall. Through towns down South up through the middle of the state into the Atlanta area and Southeast , West, up North . It doesn’t matter the whole state is a hotbed for football.

    • Georgia is just a hair away from being considered “with” Florida, Texas and California–on a national scale. And nobody touches Georgia for the No. 4 spot nationally, its a huge drop off after the “big three” and then Georgia at No. 4. Of course, with the “big three” you have to consider that Florida also has two major ACC programs (one that won a nat. title) and several other powers that raid the state. Texas has the same situation with the Longhorns and Oklahoma etc etc and California really would never be considered an SEC hotbed, of course. Whereas Georgia is the heart of SEC country. But it is interesting how well the state does.