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Florida QB commit Grier talks about recent quarterback transfers

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And just like that, Florida only has two quarterbacks on the roster–with one on the way, arriving in January.

In the past week or so, Tyler Murphy and Max Staver have decided to move on to other schools. Murphy, who started at QB after Jeff Driskel went down with injury, has graduated and can move on without sitting out a year, thanks to NCAA rules. Staver never took a snap for the Gators. He was a true freshman this past year.

Will Grier is coming to campus the second week of January as an early enrollee. The signal caller with eye-popping high school numbers talked to Saturday Down South Monday night, giving his reaction to the sudden transfers and how it might affect his situation.

“Murphy and Staver are both great quarterbacks,” Grier told SDS. “I think Staver may not have fit the new offense or something, and I haven’t talked to Murphy. I don’t really know the true reasons they’re leaving. With them leaving that leaves it to Driskel and Skyler (Mornhinweg). I think Coach (Will) Muschamp now wants to sign another athlete type of quarterback, a guy who could play quarterback but also play another position–so that we have some kind of depth. We’ll go from there and fight and we’ll be fine.

“I don’t think it opens or closes any doors for me. I will do the same thing if I’m fourth string, the backup or the starter. I think Driskel comes back healthy and I think he’s a great quarterback. I think he’s very very talented and learning behind him would be great for me, just like Jameis (Winston) and Johnny (Manziel) did. They learned during that (redshirt) year. There’s nothing bad about a redshirt year. They didn’t have to worry about being the starter, they just had to worry about learning, getting the feel for things, and then they just exploded when it was their turn to play.”

And if Driskel does come back, and plays well–what does Grier think will happen this fall?

“I think there will be an extreme bounceback next year,” Grier told SDS. “Coach Muschamp is a great coach. We lost a lot of guys this year (to injury), a lot of starters and a lot of second-string guys. Those guys coming back have a chip on their shoulders and there are some great leaders. If we get everybody back in the spring and summer, it’ll be a good season. We were not far off in a lot of those games, there were a lot of close games, and mistakes led the scores to be bigger than they should have been. ”

So in a perfect world, what would be Grier’s choice for how 2014 goes–for himself.

“It’s hard to pick one scenario and say it’s perfect,” Grier told SDS. “And that’s just honestly because I’m not going in with any particular mindset of how it should go. I don’t think I’m supposed to be redshirted and I don’t think I’m supposed to be starting. It’ll be based on who runs the offense and who can execute. So I don’t know that there’s a perfect scenario for me, but it is hard to go against a redshirt year. I could step back and learn and watch and be a sponge, which are things I think I excel at. It wouldn’t hurt me at all.

“I’m ready to go in January and get to work. If I need to start, I’ll start. I’m going to do whatever they need me to do.”

Grier accounted for 90 touchdowns this fall for Davidson Day School in Davidson (N.C.). He was named North Carolina’s Gatorade State Player of the Year. He has been committed to the Gators for more than a year, and never wavered through Florida’s struggles this season.

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