Junior college national top 50 loaded with SEC commitments


Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the 247Sports.com composite rankings.

Only 16 of the nation’s top 50 junior college players are committed to FBS programs already … and guess what? Ten of those 16 current commitments are heading to SEC schools.

Three are going to Auburn, which leads the nation. The Tigers have done particularly well with JUCO players in the past with Cam Newton, Nick Fairley, Nick Marshall, you name it.

In much the same way as the national high school rankings, the elite JUCO players are gravitating towards the SEC. And not only are 10 of the 50 already on board with the nation’s top conference, dozens of others are likely to head to the SEC. In fact, of the top 10, five are committed already–all to SEC schools. And the five who aren’t committed yet? All five appear to be heading to the SEC. Yep … it is very possible that the SEC will hog every single member of the national JUCO Top 10.

Here’s a look at the 10 JUCO commitments players who are in the national top 50 and pledged to SEC schools.

1 Jovon Robinson Auburn Georgia Military (Ga.) RB 5’11″ 225
6 Tony Bridges Auburn Gulf Coast C.C. (Miss.) DB 6’2″ 185
7 Donald Gray Miss State Copiah-Lincoln C.C. (Miss.) WR 5’10″ 185
9 Chase Abbington Mizzou Hutchinson C.C. (Kan.) RB 6’2″ 210
10 Jevonte Diamond LSU Glendale C.C. (Ariz.) OL 6’6″ 305
12 Jason Smith Auburn Gulf Coast C.C. (Miss.) ATH 6’1″ 180
15 Paris Palmer So. Carolina Lackawanna C.C. (Pa.) OL 6’8″ 305
22 DeVondre Seymour Georgia Hinds C.C. (Miss.) OL 6’6″ 315
23 Justin Evans Texas A&M Gulf Coast C.C. (Miss.) DB 6’0″ 185
48 Quincy Vasser Georgia Navarro College (Texas) DE 6’4″ 260



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  • Abbington has some impressive video from Hutch.. Here is an interesting idea however. What will Henson do with two drag horses, Steward and Abbington, plus Hansborough? Murphy with graduate. Is this why Elliott thought Missouri wasn’t sensationalizing him enough?, and went to ohio. I keep seeing the end of the Tennesse game last year where Steward pounded out so many first downs.